Feature Article of Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Columnist: The Informer

Otabil, Professor Martey, Imani, CDD & Co Don’t Care

Mensah Otabil, Professor Martey, Imani, CDD & Co Don’t Care

About Anthony Karbo’s Nation-Wrecking & Anti-Ewe Statements?

It is a fact that Pastor Mensah Otabil, Presby Moderator, Professor Emmanuel Martey, Imani, CDD and their stable mates hate the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC); and this fact cannot be hidden.

Pastor Mensah Otabil in particular does not hide his extreme dislike for the NDC to the extent that, he has never attended any of the National Thanksgiving Services since President Atta Mills declared a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving, in 2009.

It would be recalled how Mensah Otabil used to preach sermons against “Leadership” when Rawlings was President, but immediately started preaching about “Attitude of Ghanaians” when Kufuor took over the mantle of leadership and started looting the nation’s wealth “waa-waa-waa”.

The Informer has nothing against Mensah Otabil and co for not supporting the NDC; after all, life would be boring if all traffic moved in one direction.
Inasmuch as we grant Pastor Otabil and co their right to support the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), we ask; are they ready to be so blinded by their support for the NPP to the extent that they can sit idly by, and watch the nation burn?

Ever since Akufo-Addo got the nod (albeit through the backdoor) to once again lead the NPP into another electoral defeat, the NPP flagbearer and his assigns have not lost any opportunity to threaten mayhem and Armageddon if Akufo-Addo is not declared winner of the 2012 election.
Leading the crusade and also leading by example, Akufo-Addo was the first to beat the war-drums when he announced that he had militants who were ready to take the laws into their own hands once he gives them the go-ahead.
Not too long after he made it public that he had militants, Akufo-Addo’s militants went to work – attacking people who were loyal to Allan Kyerematen.
Not too long after announcing the presence of his wee-choked militants, Akufo-Addo made it clear that this year’s election was an “ALL DIE BE DIE” affair for him.
As if that was not enough, Akufo-Addo met with some TESCON group on KNUST campus and told them that the NPP must win the election “AT ALL COST”.
Akufo-Addo then moved to London to make it emphatically clear that he wants to become President “at all cost” because of Ghana’s “oil and gas resources”.
Of course, Akufo-Addo also decided to go on an Akan superiority binge, preaching his “Yen Akanfuor” demonic gospel.
Taking a cue from their Leader, NPP supporters have gone haywire preaching violence as well as their Akan superiority message.
The likes of, certificate-less Jake, Mac Manu, comical Sir John, daft Kennedy Agyepong, arrogant Kwabena Agyepong, pea-brain Titus Glover, nincompoop Adomako Baafi, bed-wetter Sammy Awuku, substance-inhaling Anthony Karbo, bitchy Ursula Owusu, clammy Frances Essiam, and hordes of their unintelligent serial callers, have been all over the airwaves, repeating Akufo-Addo’s message of war and Akan superiority.
The Informer is asking; Mensah Otabil, Professor Martey and co; are they saying they are not hearing the evil sermons of Akufo-Addo and the NPP?
Is Mensah Otabil saying that it is ok for Kennedy Agyepong to call on Akans to murder and behead Ewes and Gas?
All the tithe that he collects in his church; is Otabil saying that Ewes and Gas are not part of the people who are making him rich?
Is Mensah Otabil saying that Ewes and Gas are not paying gargantuan school fees to attend his Central University College?
So, because of his love for the NPP and his deep hatred for the NDC, he (Mensah Otabil) does not care a hoot if Ewes and Gas are killed and beheaded?
So, because of his love for the NPP and extreme hatred for the NDC, Mensah Otabil does not care if Mother Ghana burns?
Just as it happened during the Rwanda genocide when a Hutu catholic priest gathered Tutsi’s in a chapel and allowed them to be slaughtered, how can we be sure that when Akufo-Addo, Kennedy Agyepong, Anthony Karbo and co start killing Ewes and Gas, Mensah Otabil will not gather Ewes and Gas in his church under the guise of protecting them, just to allow Akufo-Addo and his militants to massacre them?
The Informer’s heart is really bleeding at the thought of some of our men of God being prepared to conspire with Akufo-Addo and the NPP to inflict a tribal war on this dear nation of ours.
Only God knows the noise that Otabil, Professor Martey, Imani, CDD and their breed would have been making if it was the late President Atta Mills, or President John Mahama who were preaching violence and ethnic cleansing.
NDC National Organiser, Yaw Gyan, did not say a fraction of what Akufo-Addo, Karbo and Kennedy Agyepong have said, yet Professor Martey and co quickly went on a public condemnation spree.
When it has to do with the NPP; war cries and anti Ewe statements are ok.
But when it has to do with the NDC, an innocuous “Many ways of killing a cat” idiomatic expression is condemned to the high heavens.
We ask; do Mensah Otabil, Professor Martey and co think they will be safe when there is civil or ethnic war?
Which theory or research finding has it that when civil and ethnic wars breakout, priests are not caught in the crossfire?
For us on The Informer, we take pride in the fact that in spite of the fact that we are on the NDC side of the political divide, we are able to call a spade a spade and “piss in”.
Indeed, we have made some internal enemies (not that it bothers us) only because we have justifiably hit at them or their assigns.
Inasmuch as we are firmly rooted under the umbrella, we are not prepared to condone acts that would sink the ship, and we are proud of our solid image.
Mensah Otabil and co; can they match the solid pride and dignity of The Informer, in the face of their shameful silence as regards the war-cry and ethnic cleansing agenda of Akufo-Addo and the NPP?
Men of God must be men of good conscience and we are sad to say that Mensah Otabil and Professor Martey have failed to pass the conscience test.
For the records, many Ghanaians continue to genuinely pray to God and The Informer believes strongly that the Good Lord will hear the prayer of good-hearted Ghanaians and ensure that Akufo-Addo and his bunch of nation-wrecking and ethnic-cleansing goons do not have their way.
Ghana will remain intact by the Grace of God and it would be interesting to hear the sermons that Otabil and co will preach after the Grace of God gives victory to the NDC and President John Mahama.