Feature Article of Monday, 29 October 2012

Columnist: Mohamed, Suraju Musah

Veep Fails To Twist Mahama’s Swiss Bank Accounts Exposure

Our attention has been drawn by comments made by the Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur on allegations that President Mahama had deposited 170 million dollars in Swiss Bank accounts and we are not surprised that majority of members in the NDC were against his choice to be Vice President and running mate for the party. The Vice President is indeed a novice when it comes to frontline politics and he should have stayed at the bank of Ghana with his ledger books and calculator instead of venturing into frontline politics.
His attempt to brush aside serious allegations that President Mahama had deposited 170 million dollars in a Swiss bank account with his wife has even ended up creating more problems for the President. The report written by one Pierre Wimhoven of the APN news network never said President Mahama deposited monies at the world bank. The report said 170 million dollars of loans and grants ended up in private bank accounts opened by the President and his wife and that the late President Mills had written private letters to the heads of the world bank and IMF expressing concerns.
Mr Amissah Arthur may be forgiven for being a novice but he is not an illiterate. The problem in the NDC is the inability of its leaders to be honest and truthful .Why is the Vice President trying to fool Ghanaians by twisting the story?
The question is why is the President and his office very silent about these statements by Mr Pierre Wimhoven? Why is the Attorney General not making any attempt to defend the President from this terrible scandal? 170 million dollars diverted into private bank accounts in a foreign country, monies which should have been used to improve our local infrastructure is simply too much.
The private letters written by the late President Mills to the world bank and IMF show that John Mahama and his wife as greedy ,reckless, selfish individuals who put the entire nations finances and international reputation at risk. How can we vote for such an individual to be President and for his wife to be first lady?

Suraju Musah Mohamed
New Free Press
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