Feature Article of Sunday, 28 October 2012

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

This tape obviously cannot be Anthony Karbo’s.

How could you even suggest that it was Anthony Karbo spewing forth that nonsense on the tape? Have you forgotten the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob in the Bible? Readers will recall a programme aired on TV3 (I have forgotten the title) in which actors mimicked their mentors and pretended they were the real persons speaking. The programme was won by the person who mimicked the voice of Rawlings. Readers will at the same time recall that the person who acted as Nana Addo also played his role very well and at a stage, it was very difficult to decide which of the two was mimicking the voice and mannerism of his mentor better than the other.
Do Felix Ofosu Kwakye and his so called Research Advocacy Platform want to tell us that if one goes round the country, one is not likely to come across two persons whose voices sound alike? Two of my brothers have similar voices and when you speak to one of them on the phone, it will be very difficult to determine which of the two is speaking. On many occasions, I have mistaken one for the other.
The scoundrels who authored the tape are indeed imbeciles. Wait and I will tell you why. They have acted like demented “malu” (cows) being led to the slaughter house. And since they have decided to shed off their human skin for that of animals, and not even better ones, they deserve no better treatment.
I am going to point out the “illogicalities” and arrogant stupidities in the fabricated lies being presented to intelligent and a much more discernining Ghanaian audience as facts and truths. Indeed they may appear as truths and facts to them because they have been indoctrinated to pander to the needs of their paymasters who are master in the act of Group mind manipulation. By the time the scales fall off their eyes, it will be too late. Permit me to say that the fabricators of this phantom tape couldn’t have been born by any human being but beasts from the lowest abyss who unlike human beings breed their younger ones as animals are want to.
Four things are obviously not right or logical. On the tape we hear the voice purporting to be that of Karbo telling his unseen audience that he would bring a group of bad boys from Libya, Benin, Togo and Liberia. At a stage, there is the mannerism of err… emm… as if the person is unsure of himself or which country he wanted to mention.
One let us interrogate other speeches by Karbo to see whether he has such notable mannerisms.
Again, let those ignoramuses who take Ghanaians for fools answer these pertinent questions. First which Government “rescued” Ghanaians from Libya during the crises? NDC Government! And do you think the people so rescued would turn their back on a government which had gone to their assistance at the most precarious period of their lives? Or was he suggesting he would recruit mercenaries from Libya to come and fight in Ghana? You see how infantile the brains of such desperados could be at times!
Such puerile argument is similar to the allegations that it was members of the UP tradition who gave the parcel bomb to the little girl to be given to the late President Dr Kwame Nkrumah when he arrived at Kulungugu. How do you allow an opposition party to be in charge of protocol when the life of the President is at stake? How do the bad boys from Libya arrive in the country without detection? How do they get to Ghana? By road, air or sea?
Again he talks about recruiting bad boys from Togo and Benin Republic to come and cause mayhem with their counterparts from Libya. How do those boys get to Ghana? By road through the Volta Region? They forget the fact that the Region is the strong hold of the ruling party and it will be almost impossible for a group of mercenaries to go through the long stretch of land in the Volta Region without detection.
Moreover it is getting to election period and any such Group movement by people will attract suspicion. This, the Felix Ofosu Kwakye and his perpetrators of such heinous crime never thought of that.
Again, let’s shift our attention to the so-called bad boys from Liberia. Do they think they will be so naïve and stupid as perpetrators would want to portray to the whole world? Does the NDC not use pictures of atrocities committed in war torn countries like Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola and the Congo to illustrate how hatred and mercenary activities could bring a country to its knees? The Liberians have tasted war and know of its harmful effects. Some of them have become refugees in other people’s lands. Does Felix Ofosu Kwakye in the wildest dream imaginable think Liberians would allow themselves to be used in such a dangerous enterprise again?
You see, Felix Ofosu Kwakye and members of his desperately assembled confused androids exhibited their shallow mindedness in their hurriedly arranged press release.
Then comes the mother of all revelations, and it is that Karbo talks of using the bad boys to attack State Institutions like the Police, Electoral Commission, the BNI and the Military. You see how senseless a group of people could degenerate into when defeat stares them right in the face. Hatred for the NPP and Ghanaians has permeated all their sense of reasoning so much so that they cannot for a moment think right.
How could someone think of attacking the Police to talk more of the Military? What weapons do they have to be able to carry out such offences against soldiers and policemen who are trained to turn their guns on harmless civilians? Ofosu Kwakye and his doom mongers might suggest that Karbo and the NPP have piled up arms and ammunition at a secret location. If that is so, it shows that the NDC regime has negated one of its cardinal responsibilities against mother Ghana and should step down immediately.
Do you envisage what would happen if one military installation is attacked? When someone molests one of their own members, what do the Police of Military do? They mobilize their other colleagues and move in to attack. Anthony Karbo has to be a member of Boko Haram or Al-Qaida to be able to perpetrate such senseless atrocities.
What would Karbo and others gain by such senseless destruction of lives and property if they went ahead and carry them out? Obviously there are likely casualties in a backlash that will result. No person of sane mind would undertake such a dangerous act and expect to come out alive. Assuming Karbo carries out such reckless act and is killed in the process (which is what exactly would happen) what will be his gain? Why should they attempt it in the first place?
Nobody these days carries out such senseless act and goes scot free. The International War Tribunal is there to make any criminal pay for his action. If Presidents of European and other countries could be indicted, arrested, tried and sentenced, what wouldn’t they do to a mere national youth organizer of an opposition party?
Perhaps brainless Felix Ofosu Kwakye and his Research Advocacy Platform never thought of that when in their desperate action to give Karbo a bad name, they smiled to themselves and said “eureka, eureka”
Again, wouldn’t it have made capital and political sense to have reported the matter to enable the security agencies trail and arrest them at in the process? Some of the security personnel could have feigned interest in the whole plot. They could be used as a bait and report all its activities to National Security which would then carry out a pre-emptive strike to arrest perpetrators of the heinous crime.
This is the most likely and logical act if indeed the plot was true.
Another question. Who were Karbo’s audience? In the so-called Baba Jamal’s tape, he was addressing members of the Information Services Department at a particular location. In Yaw Boateng’s rebellion against his motherland, the Minister of Finance Dr Kwabena Dufuor is identified. But who are Karbo’s audience?
The simpleton of Ofosu Kwakye exhibited his shallow mindedness when he used the word “aiyigbe” on the tape. Let Fiifi Kwetey and Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa be honest to themselves and Ghanaians. Since when have people from the Volta Region been referred to as ayigbeys in any political discourse at official platforms? At all public forum they are referred to as Ewes. Let’s go back to the archives and bring out all speeches of Karbo we can lay hands on and see if there has been any occasion he has referred to the people from Volta Region as “Ayigbeys”. Let’s go to our Manifesto Launch and listen to Karbo’s speech and compare it to the voice on Simpleton’s Felix Ofosu Kwakye’s tape.
Again the mischief in the simpleton’s mind was manifested when he said, “two weeks ago, Kofi Jumah NPP MP for Asokwa was also heard on tape telling NPP members at a meeting that he smuggled 30,000 ballot papers and weapons into the Tain Constituency during the last phase of 2008 election in order to help the NPP rig the election.
How disingenuous could some people be when the stark reality of defeat is made to stare at their faces! How logical could it be when we had a problem at Tain as a result of disenchantment among our party supporters? What was the total vote of the NPP during the first round? And you think it would not have raised some eyebrow if the votes of the NPP had been anywhere close to the 30,000 as is being alleged by brainless Felix Ofosu Kwakye. We even boycotted the deciding voting in the constituency.
And if any thing at all, why has the NDC Government not arrested Kofi Jumah? Why, the simpleton should tell us. After all was Red not arrested for some acts he was alleged to have committed during the 2008 Election? Was he not arrested when he returned to the country? NDC has been in power since 2009. Felix Ofosu Kwakye is saying there is a tape to show that Kofi Jumah imported arms into the country to foment trouble. He must be arrested. Yes, NDC Government should arrest Kofi Jumah if indeed the allegation is true.
This simpleton of a buffoon revealed the real motive behind the so-called tape against Anthony Karbo. Hear him “Having made this recording public, it is our expectation that all Ghanaians, Civil Society Groups, Religious Leaders and members of moral society will condemn in no uncertain terms this dastardly attempt to undermine the piece and tranquility which has prevailed in Ghana all these years”.
Yes, the cat is out of the bag. Does he have to tell Ghanaians and other groups what their expectations are? Just make your point and let the people decide. You see how devilish people could become when they realize that the odds are staked heavily against them.
Anthony Karbo has denied ever discussing any such sensitive matter which borders on national security. But Boateng Gyan owned up to the voice on the tape. Baba Jamal denied ever telling staff of Information Services Department that when they heard the sound of a mosquito, they should say it was the sound of a helicopter. NDC said it was not Baba Jamal’s voice. Another tape was played in which a voice purporting to be that of Kofi Adams was heard discussing how they were going to do things to dim the electoral fortunes of the NDC. Without giving Kofi Adams any hearing at all, the party concluded it was his voice on the tape and suspended him indefinitely from being a member of the National executive. Anthony Karbo says he was not the one on the tape
The simpleton Ofosu Kwakye and others of his kind are worsening the plight of their party members should they slip into opposition in the coming General Elections in December 2012. Their political opponents will find it extremely difficult to forgive them for all the raw deal that have been meted out to them by the moribund Mahama/Amissah Arthur Administration which has allowed the cancer to eat deep into the spleen of hard-working Ghanaians. It will soon be payback time and I assure them that no Jupiter would be able to stem the tide of the people’s anger that would be unleashed against them. Power is transient and is fleeting and the earlier these simpletons learnt of that, the better it would be for them and all Ghanaians.
It is in this regard that I admonish the likes of Felix Ofosu Kwakye, Fiifi Kwetey, Inusah Fuseini, Baba Jamal, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Kobby Acheampong, Omane Boamah, Kwesi Pratt, Allotey Jacobs, Alhaji Bature, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, Baba Jamal, Koku Anyidoho, Anita de Souza, Ama Benyiwa Doe, Hanna Bissiw and others to retrace their evil steps and negotiate their safe exit from power
The people of Ghana will decide. When the heart decides, no amount of intimidation or words can prevent the Crossing of the Rubicon. The tape with Karbo committing acts of treasonable felony does not exist. It exists only in the minds of those who are out to scuttle you and my votes in our march towards the emancipation of our Great Country. We must reject them at the pools!!
Daniel Danquah Damptey(Damptey_daniel@yahoo.com) 0243715297.