Feature Article of Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Columnist: Gariba, Chieminah Abudu

The Political Burden of Sex

-The Rawlingses in Contemporary Ghanaian Politics

Politics, sex, religion and money are the movers and shakers of world affairs. In recent times, political discussions in Ghana have centered on the former first couple of the country-the Rawlingses. Out of the four factors that influence affairs in the world, the Rawlingses seem to combine sex and politics to foster their common agenda.

Talking about sex openly is still a taboo subject in many Ghanaian homes. Nonetheless, the subject of sex is as important to Ghanaians as it is for other countries.

At this juncture it will be an understatement to simply say that sex brings results. I believe anybody reading this article is a product of sex. Apart from using sex for pleasure and to perform reproductive functions, many people stop short of exploring the other opportunities that this wonderful creation of God offers to humanity.

Sex provides bio-spiritual bonding between a man and woman; which sometimes make them take joint decisions that go contrary to public expectations. Recent political developments in Ghana have brought to the fore the crucial role of sex and politics in the affairs of Ghanaians.

Up to this point in this article I REALIZED I couldn't switch on my SEXUAL MODE. This sexual mode is what is usually referred to as the sex transmutation process. All the successful people use this powerful force to achieve desired results. Did I use the word DESIRE? Oh, yes! What is the most powerful human desire on earth? The desire that automates the reproduction of humanity. Any desire that is laced and polished with sexual desire brings tremendous results. I wonder how many political decisions are borne out of sex. But I believe many political decisions have been made to sustain sexual favours. Have you wondered why many couples seek harmony in marriage? Well, I guess nobody wants to miss sexual intimacy. Many men and women on a daily basis bear the social, economic, cultural and political burdens of sex.

In view of Rawlings' recent unpopular declaration of support for his wife and the NDP, can we say that Rawlings is suffering from the political burden of sex? Experts in the sexual game would tell you that a man or woman who is really on top of his or her sexual game can use sex to get virtually everything he/she wants from his/her partner. I have heard many say that if they were to find themselves in the shoes of Rawlings they would throw their support behind their wives. The question is, Why would anybody support his or her spouse even when you know that such a support may incur the displeasure of millions of people? Despite all the numerous criticism that Rawlings has received following his declaration of support for the wife, the average Ghanaian man knows that it is difficult to abandon a sexual partner. In life, social, economic and political partners can easily be abandoned; but not the sexual ones.

In recent times the Rawlingses have had politics and sex thrust on their hands-two of the most influential factors in world affairs. The role of politics and sex has presented a ‘political landmine’ for the Rawlingses in contemporary Ghanaian politics. Let’s wait to see how the couple get’s out of this political landmine.

Written by: Chieminah Abudu Gariba