Feature Article of Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Columnist: Prah, Prince

Contentious Issues Relating To The Security Services

1. Placement and Deployment in the security services.
Within the security services, Army, Police, Prisons, Fire Service and immigration, the large number personnel from the Volta Region tends to show more sympathy towards NDC. Other state agencies largely have the CEOs and HR depts. coming from the Volta Region. The sensitive nature of this trend spans several years back. We should draw attention to the NDC as a party trying to politicize all states institutions. Using the Directive Principles of State Policy on Regional representation we need to openly publish office holders for the information of our Ghanaians.
The NDC government has turned a blind eye to the following state of affairs seriously affecting the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).These were unfortunately superintended over by the current President, HE John Dramani Mahama as the Chairman of the Armed Forces Council.
a) Current Disposition and Appointments (GAF)
Name Appointment Tribe/Leanings
(i) (ii) (iii)
Lt Col Fred Ntiri CO 1 Battalion of Infantry CR/NDC
Lt Col GKT Sam CO 2 Battalion of Infantry CR
Lt Col C K Lithur CO 3 Battalion of Infantry V/R
Lt Col W K Parbey CO 4 Battalion of Infantry V/R
Lt Col Lawrence Gbetanu CO 5 Battalion of Infantry V/R
Lt Col John Hagan CO 6 Battalion of Infantry C/R
Lt Col Twum AmpofoGyekye CO Airborne Force
Lt Col Ben Gah Recce Regiment V/R
Lt Col INP Paintsil CO 64 Inf Regiment C/R
Lt Col Selassie Gagakumah CO Base Supply Depot V/R
Lt Col Anthony Ntem CO Def. Signal Regiment V/R
Lt Col S K Gameli CO Ghana Military Police V/R
Lt Col D K Amedoh CO GAFCSC V/R
Col A K Dzisi CO Forces Pay Office V/R

State Enterprises Headed By Voltarians
1. Council of State
2. Bank of Ghana
3. National Service Scheme
5. SIC
7. Airport Company Ltd
9. Electricity Co
11. CMB
12. GH Ports & Harbour Auth – Tema
13. Tema Drydock
14. Agriculture Dev. Bank
15. National Identification Auth.
16. Head of Civil Service
17. VRA
18. GNPC
19. GH Water Co
20. Ghana @ 50 Probe
21. Constitutional Review Commission
22. Deputy Chief of Staff
23. National Security Coord
24. EOCO
25. BNI
26. Ghana Labour Commission
27. VAG
28. GHA
29. STC

C) Tribal Based Compulsory Retirement
Career Officers in the prime of their careers were and are being compulsorily retired. Just a casual look at the list shows the retirement was tribally based. Some of the senior officers retired as at May 2012, among others, are as follows:
? Brig Gen E Okyere - (Ashanti) AR.
? Brig Gen R Debra - (Kwahu) ER.
? Brig Gen Nana Acheampong - ( Koforidua) ER
? Brig Gen RO Sackey - (Akwapim) ER
? Brig Gen Opong Kyekyeku - (Ashanti) AR
? Brig Gen GK Adjei - (Ashanti) AR
? Brig Gen Owusu Ababio - (Ashanti) AR
? Brig Gen JS Nkrumah - (Brong) BA
? Brig Gen Forkuo - (Brong) BA
? Brig Gen CK Ocran - (Ashanti) AR
? Col Damoah - (Brong ) BA
? Lt Col Serebour - (Ashanti) AR

There are a lot of colonels in the retired list but they have been left out for want of space
• Whereas Brig Gens and equivalent retire at age 60 and Cols retire at 57 the following are still in the service because of their tribes which are considered politically correct by the NDC administration:
? Cdre (GN) F Daley (Ewe) VR -66 years (DOB 05/06/46)

? Brig Gen PK Opoku (Ewe) VR -62 years (DOB 23/05/50)

? Brig Gen MGK Ahiaglo (Ewe) VR-60 years (DOB18/04/52)

? Brig Gen Partington (NR) 60 years. (DOB 18/10/51)

? Brig Gen JK Klobodu (Ewe) VR 60 year (DOB 24/10/52)

? Brig Gen Musah (NR) 60 years (DOB 24/06/52)

? Cdre (GN) Biekro (Ewe) VR 60 years (28/08/52)

? Cols who should have retired at 57 years:
Col FK Kwashie (Ewe) VR 64 years (DOB 01/05/48)
Col RPKZ Hatse (Ewe) VR 58 years (DOB 07/05/54)

The following officers due for compulsory retirement by age by 2012 are being retained due to their political leanings:


Age by 2012
(Date of Retirement)

Maj Gen Kwesi Yankson

Brig Gen Paul Kwabena Opoku

Brig Gen George EduamAmamoo

Brig Gen George Partingtonm

Brig Gen Bennet Kwaku Gborglah

Brig Gen Martin Koku Gameli Ahiaglo

Brig Gen Braimah Musah

Brig Gen Joseph Kwadjo Klobodu

Brig Gen Benjamin Freeman Kusi

Col Raymond Paschal Kofi ZorHatse

Col Emmanuel Lante Lawson

Rear Adm Muhammed Munir Tahiru

Cdre Franky Daley

Cdre Geoffrey Mawuli Biekro

2. The Police Service
i. Senior Police Officers Current Deployment
As indicated in the GAF, the Police service current deployment is tribally as well as partisanly skewed. The table below clearly shows:

Name Appointment Tribe/Leanings
(i) (ii) (iii)
DCOP Gyening Ashanti Region NDC
DCOP Ayarlingo Brong Ahafo NDC
DCOP DwamenaYeboah Eastern Region NDC
DCOP Bedie Volta Region NDC
DCOP Moses Ninsin Western Region NDC
DCOP Annor Kwofie Central Region Not Certain
DCOP Addae Acheampong Upper West
DCOP Tufour Western Region
DCOP Bright Oduro Upper West
DCOP Timbilla Greater Accra
COP Ablor Director CID NDC
COP Kudalor Director Ops NDC
COP Rose Atinga Bio Director Administration NDC

DCOP Gyening was transferred from Tamale to Ashanti Region for the election purpose. He has tried to put fear into NPP tough boys since his arrival in the region. He has made several attempts to arrest them without justification.
DCOP Ayarlingo like his Ashanti Region counterpart has been accused of intimidating NPP activists on several occasions. He should have proceeded on terminal leave since 2 September 2012 but retained because he has to do the bidding of NDC come December elections.
Chief Supt Ayittey, formerly in-charge of Madina was recently transferred to Tarkwa under frivolous and political reasons.
According to reports, he was found to be NPP sympathizer and that his presence in Madina would not help the NDC party achieve its objective.
Comments: The transfer of DCOP Gyening and Chief Supt Ayittey as well as the retention of DCOP Ayarlingo form part of the NDC grand design to decrease the voter population especially in Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions. The activities of such senior officers must be monitored and exposed to the public.
(ii) Retention of Retired Senior Police Officers
The following senior police officers who are supposed to be on retirement are being retained in view of their learning’s and sympathy to the current government.
COP Alhaji Hamidu Mahamah Director Human Resource
DCOP Ayarlingo Brong Ahafo Region
C/Supt Hamza Ayikambe Yakubu Office of the President
Other Security Services
Recruitment: Recruitment is going on in all the other security services. This exercise which is supposed to offer employment opportunities to the youth and to help strengthen the services to protect the territorial integrity of the country is being done on partisan basis. There are reports that the NDC MP for Madina, Hon Amadu Sologo recently influenced the recruitment of 400 personnel into the Ghana National Fire Service.

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