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African Leaders and Corruption: A Ghanaian Perspective

Comment: We must fight it!

2012-09-22 21:15:39
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Re: Aim Before you Shot, Mr T.

Corruption is a necessary evil,in the case of Ghana, it is essentially a social canker rooted in the get-rich quick attitude.It has to be a top election issue and should be passionately discussed to identify better ways of dealing with it.It call for conscious re-orientation towards super nationalism and willingness to purge the system.Independent anti-corruption research institute must be created and empowered to lead the crusade against deliberate looting of public purse.Enact workable whistle blower laws to give adequate protection and anonimity to would be whistle blowers in matters involving corrupt officials.Reconsider mandatory asset declaration for all public officials.Something needs to be done somehow to immediately stem the tides.It is against this background that for ones I would like to congratulate Mr.Rawlings for hitting the nail direct on the head.Indeed, the former president did not mince words in Volta region regarding corruption.He caution the chief and people against political inducement and vote buying tactice.He has certainly been there before so one cannot take it as a pinch of salt.It is my considered opinion that the Chieftaincy vehicle may be the approprite carrier of the anti-corruption message if only traditional rulers themselves could refrain from being easily influenced,often with handouts and something for cola nonsense.As a nation we must at all cost win the battle against corruption if we are to leave a legacy of better developed Ghana to our offsprings

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We must fight it!
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