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African Leaders and Corruption: A Ghanaian Perspective

Comment: What is the face of corruption?

2012-09-22 08:19:08
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African Leaders and Corruption: A Ghanaian Perspec

We at times, hold our leaders accountable for corruption on the African continent forgetting that "we are all in this together".

Our leader alone cannot fight corruption without the help of all and sundry.

When we talk about corruption, we see only the "aspect of money like transactions or whatever one may put it". Corruption comes in different form. Now, if Ghana send a Rat to a higher institution and upon completion, Rat becomes AWOL by refusing to go back and serve the nation, that is corruption.

Now, the question is how many of us living in Europe, US, Australia or elsewhere have this mark on our forehead? Taxpayers money was used to give you the much needed educational credential. Remember that.

I know a store keep of a hospital who had put up a story building and where did he get the money?

A purchasing clerk will abscond with farmers money. An Accountant will "cook his accounting books" and live lavishly as if he conjures money from the skies.

A Bank Manager is seen as the sole owner of the money he is paid to supervise and that comes with " intent of abusing" the trust entrusted to him by his employers.

The list is endless. There are laws prohibiting such illegal practices yet, we "willfully" ignore it and act as if we are permitted to do so.

Why do we always blame our leaders as if the rest of the citizens of African nation are divinely exempted?

We have to "change our mindset" and eradicate that "I have to rich at all cost mentality" even to the point of killing a fellow human.

Recently, a custom official, sensing the law was right up his heels, fled Ghana with his family after diverting monies meant for the nation. He is now living comfortably in the US. There should some laws between African nation and the West to arrest and send any person or persons be it a politician, an ordinary citizen or whatever who is implicated in any form of corruption to face and contest such charges against him/her.

We have to fight this together or nothing will change.

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What is the face of corruption?
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