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African Leaders and Corruption: A Ghanaian Perspective

Comment: Bullies, cheats and thieves.

Charlie King Addo
2012-09-22 05:57:12
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If we had leaders this corruption would long be forgotten. The voters are not educated and I mean the true sense of education. We are represented by people who do not belong in politics. Mostly all our institutions are headed by people we did not vote for or will never vote for in a true democracy. Who wins and who loses in an election is a game of chance. People do not vote with their heads and the result is that Africa has become tiny enclaves of headless states. Those who speak on our behalf do not make sense often times or at best banal. An individual can stamp his/her authority on important issues that have to be seriously debated by people, well vested in those areas. That canlead to serious repercussions in the long run. If nothing works of course corruption will per-automatic, takes over.
The neighborhood “pick-pocket” wakes up one day and he is a born again. Before you know he has become a pastor in a reputable Pentecostal church of God. Will that suffice for this over ambitious stuck-up miscreant? Hell no. He goes into politics and before you know he is the minister finance.
Oh how I wish this was a lie. But believe it or not this is the Africa we have all come to love and hate.

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09-22 02:36
Bullies, cheats and thieves.
Charlie King Addo
09-22 05:57