Feature Article of Thursday, 13 September 2012

Columnist: Otoo, Joseph

Free Shs Is Possible If The NDC Stop Stealing ...

... The Tax Payer’s Money

The Greater Accra members of Nana Addo for President 2012(NAFOP) write with saddened heart, the extent at which the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wants to use their evil propaganda to rubbish the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy by the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo.
The NDC got disappointed when Nana Addo swerved them of the actual cost of Free SHS policy, when he appeared on BBC hard talk show. Even though Nana Addo knew how much the project would cost, he was smart enough to hold-on, since the NDC could steal the idea as they did to the Northern Development Authority policy, which the NDC said it was not possible, but yet they tried to implement it by changing the name to Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), which has subsequently failed woefully.

Now, Nana Akufo Addo has told Ghanaians his commitment to making the SHS free by mentioning the actual cost of the project, which is GHC78 million beginning next year September 2013/2014, if voted into power.

Because the NDC realised that the FREE SHS policy has gone down well with many Ghanaians who are still queuing for Text Books and Exercise books including High School fees this September, the NDC propagandist, led by Hon Lee Okran have disputed that this policy would be possible in the next 20years. By that time the 150,000 JHS drop-outs would have increased to 3000000 population in the country without any job.
Under the NPP administration, 765 new School Blocks were built at the basic level throughout the country. 150, 3-unit claasroom blocks and 261, 6-unit classroom blocks were built to replace Schools under trees. The Overall number of Schools (Public & Private) increased by a third at the basic level.
The NPP introduced the School Feeding Programme, Capitation Grant and Free Metro Bus ride for children in basic Schools in order to make education affordable and accessible to all Ghanaians.
Enrolment of public Schools under the NPP stood at almost 5million compared to 2.7million in 2000. Enrolment in public Universities doubled from 40,670 to 88,445 under NPP administration based on many projects that took place. Yet not a single student was stranded as being raised the doubting Thomases.
The NPP established the University of Mines and Technology (formerly KNUST School of Mines) at Tarkwa in the Western Region, the UDS Campus and the two Polytechnics in WA and Bolgatanga in the Upper West and Upper East regions, respectively. Enrolment in Polytechnics also rose by more than 50% in that period from 18,470 to 28,695. Yet infrastructure was never a problem.
This means that the NPP is committed to changing the live of the ordinary Ghanaian through education, which would give way to better jobs, responsibilities, decision making, issue based campaigning etc.
Nana Addo’s Policy on free education means free tuition, admission, text books, science centre, examination, library, computer, utilities, boarding and meals.(If you don’t want this, want else do you want?)
We believe that this policy is feasible and it would help many parents whose children are selling on the street because of lack of finances to continue their education.
Ever since the NDC took over the affairs of this country, corruption has been the order of the day. It is evident that almost $1billion dollars have been used to pay dubious judgment debts. Many of their Deputy Ministers, including Okudjeto Ablakwa, Elvis Afriyie Akrah etc. have allegedly bought many houses in the United States and East Legon with huge sums of money. Many are those who are still looting the tax payer’s money to build houses in less than one year. Including the purchase of a Private jet.
Nana Addo has said that prudent management of our resources which God has bestowed on Ghanaians would help his government to implement the Free SHS, quality health care and massive job creation in the country.
By this statement, we are calling on the NDC to produce their policy on education, jobs and health. And stop poisoning the minds of Ghanaians with evil thought that the NPP policy on education is not possible.
Thank You.
Joseph Otoo
(Secretary, Greater Accra NAFOP)