Feature Article of Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Columnist: Nobo, Amisty

Mahama Osu Deserves a Thank You

President John Mahama OSU (Korley Klottey Consistuency) Deserves a Thank You .

A few months ago I published an article on the topic of Atta Mills Weakens National Democratic Congress Support in Osu and neighboring cities. In the article I outlined problems that the NDC was facing in Osu. I also discussed the division that has been created within Korley Klottey which the late president can be blamed as part of the problem, Attached is a link www.modernghana.com/thread/165917/384563/1
Korley Klottey is known as the castle constituency and the reason is the fact that the christianborg castle which is the seat of Government is situated within the constituency. Also, the remains of late president Mills is buried in Korley Klottey.

The people of Osu hailed the burial of the late president in the constituency with much love.
During the thank you tour President John Mahama has travelled to various parts of Ghana and neighboring countries to say thank you. Today it was published that the president was starting a thank you tour within the Greater Accra Region beginning with Prampram Ashiman, Nungua Teshie Chokor and Ga Mashie. As a native of Osu, and a staunch NDC member, I think this is an insult to the people of Osu. I think the President has not extended the courtesy to the people of Osu, especially the families around the castle areas who’s lively hood has changed due to the volume of traffic of people going to the grave side to visit or pay their last respect to the departed president.
Furthermore, even though the death of President Mills has changed the dynamics of NDC in Korley Klottey, The NDC will be welcomed if the president assure the people of Osu by openly endorsing the sitting MP Hon Nii Amarh Ashitey and also to extend himself to the people who happens to be his landlord.
President Mahama: Please don’t take Osu for granted because the Osu Klottey seat is always a swing seat so for the NDC to win at the castle constituency you have to stop in Osu and say thank for late President Mills.