Feature Article of Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Columnist: Conservative Alliance Network

Dismiss Haruna Iddrisu And Hajia Boya Now!

The Conservative Alliance Network (CAN) wish to express our utter
disgust at the conduct of two Ministers of our republic which has
brought the name of our nation into disrepute
Hon. Hajia Boya, the Deputy Minister of Women and Children’s Affair is
alleged to have led a group of NDC party faithfuls to beat up one Mmaa
Kande. The assault angered other NDC party faithfuls who swore to
teach the Deputy Minister a bitter lesson.
On the 26th of August, 2012, the Deputy Minister, Hajia Boya Gariba
was physically assaulted in retaliation. Her dress was torn apart,
exposing her nudity in public. The Minister of Communication, Haruna
Iddrisu is alleged to have masterminded the assault. According to
Hajia Boya, she saw Hon. Iddrisu leading the group that assaulted and
disgraced her publicly.
We condemn both attacks. The attack on the Deputy Women’s Minister
specifically brings back memories of the 1979 revolution days when
market women were stripped and whipped in public. Our country has come
too far to be dragged back as far as three decades ago.
The two Ministers of State have acted in a way that makes them unfit
for their positions. We call on President John Dramani Mahama to
dismiss the two ministers immediately. We believe this will send a
strong signal that he does not support or condone violence. Our
President has on various platforms promised violence free elections.
This brutal assault case presents a fine opportunity for the President
show his commitment to peace, before this year’s election.
Another disturbing development about this issue is a revelation by
Hon. Hajia Boya. She alleged that John Jinapor, spokesperson of the
President “slapped” her months ago. She disclosed that the President
was aware of the assault. We find it strange that our President has
not acted on this matter till now. We believe this casts doubts about
the President’s commitment to peace and protection of women.
Many civil society organizations and NGO’s have committed resources to
ensuring women are represented in governance. With such reports of
assaults on women, it deters more women from joining politics. We, the
Conservative Alliance Network (CAN) conclude by demanding that:

1. The President must dismiss Hajia Boya Gariba and Haruna Iddrisu as
Ministers of State. Their conduct has brought the name of our country
into disrepute. The international community and media are observing
how the nation handles this matter.
2. The President should institute an enquiry into the assault and the
findings made public.
3. The President should also act on the assault case against his
spokesperson, John Jinapor
Thank you.

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