Feature Article of Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Columnist: Young Democrats

Open Letter To The Administrator Of Ghana Education Trust Fund

Open Letter To The Administrator Mr. Sam Garbah Of Ghana Education Trust Fund.

Thanks very much to you all for your response to have this Young Democrats in Support of Good Leadership in Ghana meeting this August day of the year 2012. Our aim of this meeting is to react to: GETFUND DEPRIVED SOME STUDENTS OF THEIR MONIES SINCE 2011. This article has being necessitated by a publication on ghanaweb on 17th August, 2012 captioned “GETFUND DEPRIVED SOME STUDENTS OF THEIR MONIES”. Upon reading the said article, I embarked on a mission to ascertain the veracity of the article and based on insider information from the secretariat I could not agree more with the publication. I have being reliable informed that twenty five (25) students were sponsored for this particular cohorts and out of the number, twenty (20) students have since received the full complement of their entitlement and the other five (5) are yet to receive their full payments even as at the time of writing this article.

According to a reliable information I have gathered from GETFUND, all the under listed students have being paid; Adams Abena, Opuku Chalse, Adama Mohammed, E. Kojo, D. Edward, Kwow Abakaquansah ,A. Wiefi,Y. Fadeela, G.Nana Aceampong, Yayaha Ismail, Mohammed Nadrat, Alidu Samad, Issahaku Mahmi, Mumuni Aniygha,A. Patrick and M. Moses.

Those that yet to be fully paid include; Mohammed Kpedau, Baba A seidu, Sumaila Nansia, Sakai Faati and Razak Jemilatu. They are students in Coventry University London Campus.

I therefore wish to seek answers from the administrator for the questions below:

1. Why is that the secretariat have not being able to pay these students since October, 2011?

2. Is the excuse of “NO MONEY” a legitimate explanation, if so how come members of the January cohorts have being paid their monies and the fees of even the April cohorts paid?

3. Have you and your outfit being able to officially communicate to the affected students outlining the reasons behind your inability to pay them?

4. Are you aware of the despicable manner in which some staff of your outfit speak to the general public especially students when they make calls to seek for clarifications of certain issues of concern?

5. Are you also aware that some of your staff do not reply to the emails of students which could have being used as a medium to address some of their grievances?

6. Are you aware that some of your staff are more political than the politicians and need urgent reminder of their code of conduct and orientation to at all-time exhibit some sense of professionalism?

7. Are you aware that some of your staff very tribalistic and exhibits nepotism and favoritism?

I have also being informed that comments of officers at the secretariat about their inability to pay these students that the students are perceived to be sympathizers of the Rawlings and that it was a calculated and deliberate attempt at hitting back at loyalists of the former first family. I think that these are innocent students that are being made to go through this ordeal for no apparent reason theirs and it’s simply the figment of someone’s imagination. Be that as it may, even if we assume that there is a slightest possibility of the perception which I doubt, I am of the view that the NDC is shooting itself in the foot. President Mahama led government needs the Rawlings more than the Rawlings need him especially at this critical moment where everybody is needed on board to propagate the achievements of the party in order to convince the electorate.

I will like end by calling on the administrator to as a matter of urgency provide answers to the above questions and take the necessary steps to quickly pay these students in order not to further aggravate their plight. In addition, I am making a clarion call of all lovers of the NDC party to understand that we can only and only win this coming election with united front. The Young Democrats are of the view that is gangartually true when the Ex President called our dear party government appointees as greedy barstard and Dr Spio- Garbah called them Team B ministers or appointee we thought it was hash to said so. Please whoever want the truth of the whole story should contact GETFUND AMINISTRATORS to know if such students have been paid or not and should provide reasons or answers to the above questions Auntie Florence NO# 0244252612. Mr. Sam Garba No# 0244295415. Mr. Nyantakyi 0272902277.

I rest my case.

(Email: ydemocratsgh@gmail.com)
Stephen Ekwow: Secretary- NDC Party Activists
Tell: 0208282773/0246810208.

we have been in the forefront of peaceful resolutions to the NDC crisis since 2009 as evident by email communication to late President Mills through Alex Bebaako Mensah his secretary on the 5th of February, 2009 and also my communication to Dr. Kwabena Adjei, National Chairman on 3rd of February, 2009.(Please read Forwarded Messages).
We have also helped through Dr. Kwabena Adjei with campaign strategies for the 2008 elections and shall be honored to assist at this crucial time.