Feature Article of Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Columnist: Tetteh, Andrew

Ghana Needs A Chinese President

Today in our homeland, there isn’t a day we do not hear of at least one thing suggests the Chinese Invasion.

Chinese immigrants are invading in our privacy, they are engaging in economic activities that are reserved for only Ghanaians. The worst part of their infiltration into our country is that they are engaging in illegal economic activities such as galamsey and they even go to the extent of arming themselves, in our country. Yes! They arm themselves in our country! That poses a National Security Threat.

So many questions have to be answered. First, do we even have a data on all these Chinese immigrants who are roaming on our streets with arms? Secondly, how do they even get access to these guns in the first place? Did they purchase them in this country or they brought the guns into this peaceful country of ours.

In our dear country, nothing gets done without the involvement of these invaders. From digging grave like holes at the Flagstaff House to building huge structures like the four CAN 2008 stadia and construction of roads.

There isn’t any sector of the Ghanaian economy that doesn’t have Chinese immigrants featuring prominently. They are basically taking control of everything that makes us Ghanaian and the worst thing is that we are allowing them to do that.

We have politicians who do nothing but always looking for abrogated contracts to pay judgement debts. The leaders of this country are visionless to the extent that they fail to recognise no faults in bringing in Chinese convicts to engage in laborious work, not to say that we have overcrowded prisons in this country indicating that there is no shortage of convicts in our own prisons. The Chinese convicts, most of the times do not leave the country when their projects end.

I just want my fellow Ghanaians to realise that the Ghanaian generated money ends up in the pockets of these Chinese convicts.

Every originally made Ghanaian product has its Chinese inferior version. They get them into this country through our ports, the products then end up collapsing the Ghanaian grown businesses that our dear fragile economy badly needs. The economy is run behind the scenes by these Chinese people who have infiltrated our country and those who are even calling the shots outside the country.

Chinese are everywhere and it will not be much of difficulty to have a Chinese President in Ghana to make “Operation Invade Ghana Complete”.

Besides if we have Chinese people engaging in retail in Ghana (a venture reserved exclusively for Ghanaians nationals). Section 18 of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Act, 1994 (Act 478) reserves retail trading exclusively for indigenous operators. Foreigners who wish to engage in trading activities in Ghana are required under the act to invest a minimum of $300,000 and employ not less than ten Ghanaians.

Then the request for a Chinese President isn’t far fetched though it is also exclusively reserved for Ghanaian nationals. In the 1992 Constitution, Art 62 (1a) states that “a person shall not be qualified for election as the President of Ghana unless he is a citizen of Ghana by birth”.

By: Andrew Tetteh Ghana Institute of Journalism andrewtetteh.blogspot.com