Feature Article of Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Columnist: Dotse, Newman

The Political Cacophony Is Over!



By Newman Dotse

When I first heard on the airwaves the kind of propaganda being hatched by the alleged greedy bastards to cover their evil deed, I thought it was one of those dry political jokes but alas, people who knew what they did are spending their ill wealth on propaganda by bending facts to exonerate themselves.

To my surprise and much to the surprise of most political watchers, these evil men are trying to limit the cause of President Mills’ death to criticism and vilification instead of telling the people of Ghana the real cause of the President’s death. If insults kill, Asamoah Gyan the footballer, former President Jerry John Rawlings and Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo would have been dead, buried and rotten by now. These gentlemen were the most vilified personalities in Ghana.

Yes! It is true that death is inevitable; yet some deaths are avertable and unwarranted. Everybody knows that the late President Mills had been sick for years but people around him managed to conceal the truth, thus keeping Ghanaians in total darkness.

When the condition of the president became worse, instead of the people around him advising him to step down, handover to his vice and have time for himself, they were rather giving him fake hope, pushing him to continue. He was even cajoled to sign certain financial documents that will inure to the benefit of the manipulative hands around him when everything was clear that his condition was growing worse.

Surprisingly, right after the President’s death, some NDC gurus started using this unfortunate situation to campaign for election. This strange happening could imply that they intentionally refused to handle the president’s health situation well because they were actually looking forward to this to enable the party win public sympathy in the forthcoming election.

Today, those who should be taking the blame are saying “SE ASA”; thus trying to shift the blame on innocent people.

The Citizen Newspaper can categorically state that NDC certainly risks paying a price for using Mills’ death to campaign. "SE ASA" indeed, after some Vultures in NDC managed to work a ‘sick man’ to death to accomplish their evil mission; a mission that could never materialize after all? When a bunch of shameless gluttonous blood sucking vampires encircles a vulnerable and timid individual like a prey, the obvious outcome is death; and this is exactly what Ghanaians have witnessed.

Yes! Death is inevitable but when the right things are done, death will catch up with us only at the right moment and not the sudden one like what happened to the humble President Mills.

The Citizen Newspaper has learnt that Professor Mills’ biggest mistake have been that, he trusted his handlers to a fault, even to the point of ignoring brilliant advice of his beloved wife Mrs. Ernestina Naadu Mills against that of a sarcastic wobbling boat like Brig-Gen. Joseph Nunoo Mensah, the late president’s security advisor. These handlers were the same people former President Rawlings allegedly labeled as “greedy bastards” some time ago. President Mills’ health issues were made public way back in 2006 but for the selfish ambition of some of the people around him, the whole matter was swept under the carpet to avoid losing the opportunity of looting the state coffers.

For the sake of their bellies and their voracious greed, they pushed the poor man to his early grave to the sorrow of Naadu Mills and the entire Nation. These rapacious and worthless ignoramuses who were eating with both hands and parading the corridors of power must be watched carefully, or better still, be booted out of the Castle to avoid another catastrophe.

Indeed, the inward looking people around former President Mills have absolutely displayed damning idiocy in mismanaging the President’s health issue.

The insensitivity of President’s handlers sometimes baffled sound minds like this writer. These so-called handlers who teamed up with the likes of Kwesi Pratt who always sought to give the impression that the late President was even stronger than the biblical Sampson and smarter than David the warrior, should bow their heads down in shame for misleading the humble President.

In their ruthless effort to score cheap political points, the men around the President got the poor president to go jogging in his suit upon arrival at Kotoka International Airport on his return from America during his last medical checkup just to prove to his critics that there was nothing wrong with him. In a bid to fill their protruding voracious bellies, the late president Mills was sacrificed on the altar of political gamesmanship by men and women bent on dismantling the Nation to satisfy their self aggrandizement.

Aside all these comedies of boo-boos, one would have thought that the likes of the Ahwoi brothers Kwamena, Ato and Kwesi, Brig. Gen. Nunoo Mensah, Henry Martey Newman and others would have done things differently, but alas, they were obfuscated, hence lost absolute control of the situation.

It was pathetic to seek to blame the President’s untimely death on “insults” and vilification when they are well aware of the real cause of the president’s death.

Where were the scheming Ahwoi brothers? What was the use of the President’s brother Cadman Mills at the castle when his brother was suffocating without anyone on sight to offer help at the time? Can somebody tell the people of Ghana as to whether the president died at the Castle, at the 37 Hospital or on the way to the hospital?

Source: The Citizen Newspaper (thecitizen.news@yahoo.com) +233 27 731 4655