Feature Article of Sunday, 5 August 2012

Columnist: Twumasi, Patrick

Good Prof, Bye Mills

Fear time but believe in time. Believe in time because in the arms of time lies the power of change. Fear time because of the changes time brings. Sometimes change might not come at all. When change does come, it might be in your favour or not in your favour.

There is time for everyone, in fact a whole community rejoices for the birth of a child, and mother wears white for a period of time, indicating triumph over the trials of birth. Then comes a time, when that very person will have to depart for wherever the fellow came from. This time round, everyone and a whole community gnash their teeth in sadness. They wear black and red. It is a case of mourning. We rejoiced when Prof. Mills was given to this nation by his creator, and we cry as he is taken away from us by same.

The past is though vast we know where it starts, so is the future, which we have an idea as to its beginning, but no man can ever know where it will end. But the present is always interacting with us. The journey of life starts with a second on the clock. It builds into minutes, which runs into hours. These hours become a day, which culminate into weeks. These weeks graduates into months, which makes a year. These years become decades, which make up half a century and centuries. These centuries ends in millenniums. This way, man will unknowingly be getting to the grave. Indeed such is the journey of life. The late President went through this journey knowing very well what the end was. Yet he lived it. No man saw his or her self being born and neither will any man witness how the mortal remains will be laid to rest. In these instances a person has to be alive to learn how he or she came to this world and will depart to the maker. This takes place through observation of other people. And so the good Professor taught many when alive and is now telling the many who wish to learn how man depart from this world to meritoriously pick a cue from him again.

Despite the fact that, no man can add an hour to his or her life, the late President lived and worked to liberate his nation from the clutches of poverty. This good is interred with his bones, as will many generations come and read of him, “A dear son of the land, who worked and died on the job”. A hero is the dead well remembered of heroic works. His soft and on key deliveries of his submissions on issues is a trade mark we will be missing. The duty enjoined on every man is to build bridges and not fences, which offers a place for many unconcern people a seat. Bridges he built walls he knocked down. This duty he so performed that his peers acknowledge, he did to the best of his ability. Within the limitless environs of his human capacity, he delighted many with his dexterity in sport.

In his long walk to the Presidency, no toe he bruised, and if he did, you know what is expected of you, forgive.

What is humility? What is understanding and unity? The late President, Prof. Mills. Blessed are those who are peacemakers, they shall be called children of God. He is human, and so had his highs and lows. But of which side of a man do we or are expected to recall? Remember a man cannot claim sainthood here in this ever increasingly sinful world. Hence, man cannot assume the status of the master. The late President is human, therefore, cannot be a hundred percent right or wrong.

The decision which went into his refusal not to tell it to the faces of his numerous critics - some of which were vein attacks and undeserving most of the time - will be his legacy for many leaders to emulate. If you are capable of fighting your battles the Lord will leave it for you, and if you are capable to speak on your own, the God almighty will not alter a word. He left his battle and defense in the hands of his maker. This is the way the master went, should not the servant go?

Though in his last days he had some challenges with his health, which should inform and incense you that, for a moment our lives can slip through our tiny, weak and frail hands. This should not be considered peculiar to him. For so is this life. But in all cases death came, indeed icy death came and conquered him strong. He allowed himself a sports personality of distinction to be carried away by the slow moving and chilly carrier, death. In the heat of bodily pain he did not give in, but kept his eyes on his set targets. All for the fact that, his spirit was awaken with a quicken soul by his maker. Can it be said of a Mills who once lived and held back all, when his all was intensely required? All, he indeed gave all that he had till, all of his was gone. And in all these instances, this was all his life had for all his people.

The achievement of man at the end of the road of life is not counted on how many hands you refused to shake, wealth acquired, enemies made or the pain visited on people justly or otherwise. But, the works that are visible like the sky and might have invariably relief a people from their anxieties. Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills’ place is assured in Ghanaian history. The cautious and well soothed steps of this harmless individual of the persona of the late President were for the fact that, leadership is public transaction with history. This business, witnesses will attest he duly transacted with excellence.

Personalities marry but characters co-exist. Ghana’s marriage with the late President was great. Unfortunately, the divorce was sad, untimely and abrupt. As he walks out of this marriage with a good heart, we wish him well wherever he will be. We believe that your destination is at the warm bosom of our good Lord. Thank God for your life as well as all the great things and experience you brought to us throughout the years. Thank you for being our President in this nation’s history. Thank God for giving you to us.

Death is just the beginning of another stage of life. Our belief is to meet you when we are also called home by our maker.

My President, walk cautiously on this journey of no return with your eyes fixed and focused your Lord God. May you be guided on every side by the Lord’s powerful Angels as you respond to the call of your Lord and master. We are grateful for the time spent together. We will always remember you.


*Evans………….Ever fresh*

*Fiifi……………..Fabulous and finest*


*Mills…………….Man of the people*

Patrick Twumasi