Feature Article of Sunday, 5 August 2012

Columnist: Owusu-Mbire, Kojo

President Atta Mills – I life Well Lived

Stanza I
He has gone down in history as the most vilified Ghanaian President
To them who could not even lace his shoes
Insulted him day and night
Both from within and without
They berated him

Stanza II
He was not infallible
But nobody ever found any dust on him
In his character was a gem
A light shone around him
That even his most virulent critics
Could only wish for
In the most trying moments
He kept his cool

Stanza III
Even when he was alive
They announced his obituary
He called to a radio station
Which also announced the living man’s death?
But the cynics again said it was his ghost

Stanza IV
In life all but a few
Want to actualize their transient dreams
He lived and actualized his dreams
Not by becoming President
But maybe and maybe
The only Ghanaian President
Who has no dust on his image?
He lived a life and fulfilled dreams
To the jubilant heart on his death
You will also go some day
But should you go today
Where shall your name be?
I life well lived
Mr President you are sure
Resting in PEACE INDEED!

Source: Kojo Owusu-Mbire
Email: owusumbire@gmail.com