Feature Article of Friday, 3 August 2012

Columnist: Frimpong-Manso, J. Y.

Atta Mills Deserves A Monumental Presidential Library

The hullabaloo surrounding the burial of the tireless Educationist and Late President, Atta Mills, should be geared towards how it will benefit the current and future generations. He is the First President to die in active duty as the army will say and at post. The committee should visualize how the burial will benefit the Nation’s education and tourism industry. It will continue to be a legacy for his spiritual belief, teaching and educating people.

The whole Nation is behind the Government, Family and The Committee so they should visualize and bring it to reality by putting up a Monumental Presidential Library in honour of this fallen Leader. The edifice will be developed to attract visitors of all kinds of visitors including visiting Presidents and dignitaries. School children will travel on an excursion to visit and feel the presence of their Leader while Educationists and Future politicians will go there to make their researches for the betterment of the Nation. Ghana needs to grow in terms of development so we must be prepared to visulize and capitalize on any eventuality that befalls on the Nation and eschew personal, tribal and political sentiments.

Atta Mills Presidential Library will serve multipurpose functions for the Family, Region and the Nation at large. It will be a place where you will feel the physical presence of the Late President; what he stood for and his accomplishments. A place where his bereaved wife, Naadu Mills, will join his dear husband when her time comes. Visit his burial grounds -Library-and see his shoes, the famous dresses he wore, his pictures, videos, scripts and speeches he wrote, campaign pictures and messages, International assignments, pictures of the famous and infamous students he taught when he was a lecturer , video on his biography etc.

There should be an ITC center for the Library where a resident lecturer or custodian will direct visitors where to go and see some facts for themselves. There should be conference centers that will be rented out to companies, organizations, government agencies, churches and political parties for their meetings. If the Library is planned well to serve the needs of visitors and Ghanaians, it will definitely draw the attention of businessmen to put up hotels, restaurants and cluster of businesses thereby creating jobs to boost the economy.

Preferably, it should be cited at no place other than his birth place which at the moment is a historical place .After all, he was born and bred at the place. Spiritually and culturally, he should be buried at a place where his umbilical cord was buried just to give him eternal rest and an honour to his people. We have to develop the place since it was the place where the President who died in active duty was born. People travel far and near to see the burial & birth places of historians and important dignitaries so why not Atta Mills, our Late President? We must not deprive future generations of such an edifice to serve a noble course. Thank You.

I wish copies can be sent to;

The President Family & Planning Committee. Parliament. J.Y.Frimpong-Manso Agogo. A/A. erfrimpong@yahoo.com