Feature Article of Monday, 30 July 2012

Columnist: The Emperor

Kofi Wayo Talks Too Much!!!

Indeed, words are ours to have, but only the wise appreciate their worth. Unlike fools, the wise utilize words wisely. Also, they are very economical, when it comes to them. As consequence, you will never see the wise engage in idle banters. Simply because; they know that actions continue where words end. In other words, they understand the words — in combination with action — lead to creation. And so, the wise let their actions do the talking. In a nutshell, they talk less and do more as one would expect. Now, I have keenly observed that those who talk too much aren't necessarily doers. They talk for the sake of talking! Such persons enjoy being heard, for it makes them feel very important. This brings me to Mr. Kofi Wayo — the founder and leader of the United Renaissance Party. Ever since the said gentleman returned home from America, he has been doing nothing but talking. And, what does he talk about? Nothing that you and I don't already know! So, why doesn't he stop? Well, he thinks he knows it all. In addition, he thinks that the Ghanaians who are living in Ghana are stupid. But, will he be brave enough to admit it to himself? Of course not!

The latter reason should come as no surprise to you, dear reader! Mind you, the majority of the Ghanaians — who have lived outside the country for a number of years — think lowly of the Ghanaians who never left the country. This is the undiluted truth! The former think they're more clever and superior to the latter — albeit untrue. And so, upon their return from their sojourns, the former behave as if they know it all. They hurl insults at those governing the country and criticise the system. Some of them even go into politics, saying they're going to make it better — only to end up doing the opposite! Did y'all know that Ken Aygapong used to wash dishes in Germany? Guess my surprise, when I found that out! Now, how did a poor dishwasher in Germany, who had no qualifications whatsoever, become a rich MP in Ghana? I am sure you do get the picture by now! Dear reader, what if I told you that most of our parliamentarians were husslers in Europe, America and elsewhere? Would you believe me? Believe or not, most of them were.

Most of our incumbent parliamentarians were stealing and pimping on foreign shores before setting their eyes on Mama Ghana's wallet! Unfortunately, our adopted multi-party democratic system has made it so easy for these tricksters to go into politics and steal with impunity. In Ghana, any crook can start his/her own political party. Also, any person with an ill motive can become an MP. As consequence, the nation has more crooks, who are posing as politicians in its parliament — than real politicians. And, what do these so-called politicians do apart from stealing? They make the loudest noise! They are, like empty barrels. These clowns keep telling the ignorant masses that the Europeans are the ones keeping us down, when they are the ones keeping us down. Is this self-hatred? Furthermore, they’ve made it a business to attack and falsely accuse the good politicians who desire Ghana to progress and prosper. Simply because; they are enemies of progress who don’t have the best interest of the country at heart!

In the Netherlands where I happen to reside, people go into politics to do one thing, and one thing only; to keep the country thriving for all by doing their best. President Mills was a good man. Yes, he may have had his faults, like any other man! Also, he may not have been the reincarnation of the late Dr kwame Nkrumah. And, who said he had visionary eyes? Nevertheless, he wanted to be remembered as a man who served his country wholeheartedly and with pride — and he deserves to be! Mind you, our late President won't be remembered as the President who bought a hotel for his son, nor will he be remembered as the President who awarded himself gold chains, when the masses were suffering. Also, he won't be remembered as the President who spent millions of Cedis celebrating Ghana's fiftieth independence anniversary, when that kind of money could've provided those living in Sodom and Gomorrah a better housing. As I stated earlier, President Mills was a good man, but not everybody liked him. Not surprisingly, there are those who despised him and wanted him to lose come the upcoming presidential election. Just last week, Mr. Kofi Wayo made headlines, when he foolishly asked if our late President was a man or a mouse. I am sure most of you know why he asked that question! And so, I won’t go into further details due to time constraints. Now, my question to those who were cheering the said gentleman on is; was President Mills omnipresent? Better yet, was he expected to be omnipresent, when he became our President-elect?

We know that every President has ministers — and their task is to make sure that the President is well informed, amongst others. And so, if the appointed ministers of the people, by the people, and for the people aren't informing the President, then the President cannot be blamed for not being informed. This is common sense! It's obvious that those who were supposed to inform our late President didn't do their job — and the question is; why? It's because they were in cahoots with the illegal Chinese miners. Evidently, they were getting something from them — and we all know what they were getting! Hence, their choice for silence. Speaking of which, isn't the place where the Chinese were engaged in illegal mining part of a constituency? If so, then, why wasn't the MP of that constituency approached for questioning? I am certain the MP would’ve shed some light on this very important issue! In my opinion, Mr. Kofi Wayo made a mistake, when he dragged our late President into the matter in question. He shouldn't have done that at all! Instead, he should've directed his anger towards Otumfuo Asantehene. After all, he is the King. So, why didn’t he?

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Rest in peace, President John Evan Atta Mills
The Emperor