Feature Article of Sunday, 29 July 2012

Columnist: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta

Ode to Kofi Mbir

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi 26th July 2012

Oh, 24th July 2012,
What a snafu(chaos) day
And a shameful day
For the cacophonous and castigating popinjays,
(Noisy accusing critics)
The whole Ghanaian sky was overburdened and overcast
Every Ghanaian was downcast
Even the sun was not its usual self
Ghana was plunged into a gargantuan
Doom and gloom,
Our bright star was summoned into the ancestral world
At high noon
Every Ghanaian was bereft and in mournful mood

Breaking news, breaking news,
The din on the plenitude of Ghanaian radio stations
Beggared belief as I journeyed from Nsawam to Swedru and Winneba,
The news became bitter and bitter,
There was no better Ghana this time around,
At 15.30 hours Ghana time,
The shocking news graduated from better to bitter
As I had earlier disbelieved , thinking it was the usual hoax,
Professor John Evans Atta Mills (alias Kofi Mbir)
Had joined the ancestors
Dammirifa, dammirifa due
Yema Ghanafuo nyinara yaako

Alas, at last he confounded his virulent critics
Oh what a bitter pill to swallow
Alas, at last there is no more bashing
But weeping and gnashing of teeth
May his good deeds in the Better Ghana Agenda outlast his detractors
May his role model character of modesty and humility
Be a shining example to all Ghanaians
May his soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi