Feature Article of Monday, 23 July 2012

Columnist: Yawose, John

Betty Mould is hiding the truth

Matters concerning the CP judgement debts seem complicated
because of NDC Ministers’ and activists’ deliberate manoeuvrings and stage management. The
Real judgement debt awarded CP at the arbitration was $41m. At the advent of
NDC, CP claimed further for mobilization, demobilisation, Loss of profit etc for abrogation
of his Oda-Nkawkaw Road, Subi junction-New Abirem road, Kade-Oda road and
Yamoransa-Assin Praso road contracts by the Kufuor government amounting to over
€100m-which together with the $41m, Betty Mould negotiated to €94m and which
NDC/Mills paid.

The truth therefore is that CP was paid €94m – comprising $41m
for the arbitration for Takoradi, Obuasi town Roads and a remaining component from claims
for the Akim Oda, Assin Praso etc roads allegedly terminated.

Again, the truth is that the contracts for the Akim Oda, Assin
Praso, New Abirem roads were never terminated.
CP themselves rather abandoned or quit from the said projects
on their own free will. Even Ghana government could have sued CP for AWOL or
quitting the contracts. I wonder why this was never pursued by NPP and NDC. The
case with NPP can be pardoned since CP did not claim anything under them. All
of a sudden, NDC enters, and CP put out claims of over €100m for the contracts
they abandoned.
NDC/Mills /Betty Mould did a great disservice for entertaining
this phantom claims on the project on which there were no works. PAC must
request Betty Mould to show the letters which terminated the projects.

I hold that Betty Mould negotiated with CP on a false
premise that the contracts were terminated by NPP and the result was the fraudulent
payment above $41m (which was awarded by the foreign arbiters). And Betty Mould
impudently looks in the faces of unsuspecting Ghanaians to say we must rather
praise her for negotiating down from €153m to € 94m- the insolence of the dying
cockroach indeed. The rot, the stains the stench from the CP saga is nauseating.

Betty Mould is desperate. She is trying very hard, with Nana
Ato Dadzie, George Loh, Chris Ackumey and the others in the legal team to hide her
irresponsible acts from the public. And this fact is what Kan Dapaa-led PAC is desperately
trying hard to highlight. Â NDC took
advantage of the environment and exploited the opportunity to plunder the
Treasury thinking NPP will be held responsible for their irresponsibility.

 I remember Ben Kumbuor
, the present Attorney General who has lost all his moral worth, as far as I am
concerned, on account of his ‘manufacture of assassination’ story, also came to
PAC some weeks ago brandishing a so-called judgement debt report which
contained a CP award of $640m from the international Arbitrators. What do Mills/Betty
Mould /Ben Kumbuor take us for?

In pursuance of NDC/Mills manoeuvres, Betty Mould is presently,
clearly intimidating Kan Dappah and PAC with a view to pre-empt probing questions
at the public examinations on the CP brazen crime. Â Â Â Dear Readers, the tantrums and postures of
Betty Mould are diversionary tactics aimed at prolonging the issues beyond the parliamentary
sitting days until next October. The
point on Hon Asiama’s  ‘flawed’, ‘fraud’ issue,
Betty Mould is dragging is unwarranted and shameful. She is wasting everybody’s time. We
know Kan Dapaa and PAC are not small boys who will kowtow to Betty Mould and
Nana Ato Dadzie’s wicked and shameful psychological intimidations and wasteful
red herrings.
I charge that Betty Mould is hiding the truth otherwise; her
strange behaviour and refusal to answer simple questions from PAC are not
understandable. Betty Mould’s tricks have been overused by criminals since the
beginning of the world and she should discard them.

Again I call on Kan Dapaa to challenge Betty Mould to
produce the letters CP claimed terminated the Akim Oda and Assin Praso contracts
and because of which she accepted that there was a basis for negotiating on
Kan Dapaa -led PAC is fighting for the truth and justice. Well
meaning Ghanaians know PAC are doing their work decently and satisfactorily. Betty Mould should
stop her desperations. Betty Mould will be exposed for this gargantuan CP crime.
John Yawose