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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed | (comment 8108765)
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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

Comment: On second thought

Tuf. Osei
2012-07-23 09:06:06
Comment to:
id ont think u know tamale

Are you expecting the government to put up free brick houses for the locals? Man, if northerners like you do really care, you would go home and build houses and businesses in your villages to modernize the place. I can bet when you visit Ghana, you spend practically all your days in the south. No region in Ghana had anything on a silver plater. Show your love and start developing, and the government will follow suit.It's not the government that has neglected the north, but their elite, well educated and power brokers, who prefer the sweet fast lives in the south.

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07-23 03:02
On second thought
Tuf. Osei
07-23 09:06