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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

Comment: Na who causam

Capt. Katongo
2012-07-23 05:50:27
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That unfortunately is the problem of northerners. I schooled in Sakasaka wey back then. And even in those days Northerners wouldn't go to school and had to be bribed with freebies. Seidu, tell us what the north produces to merit being developed by gov't. Only a very, very FOOLISH gov't will develop a place that gives back almost nothing at the expense of areas that give it almost everything. Yes, you feed the hen lays the golden egg, else there will be NOTHING very, very soon.

Norherners are poor because the people think like this SEIDU. Development is a human thing, and people with no ideas to develop themselves AND THEN ASK FOR HELP FROM GOV'T will forever cry tribalism.
Can you quantify the amount of money gov'ts have spent to keep NORTHERNER trying hard to MURDER, destroy and exterminate fellow NORTHERER......

People that go to war over fowls...Buddy, painful to say but look yourself in the mirror and see where the problem comes from.

NO PARTY can solve the northern problem unless NORTHERNORS WISEN UP. The world is turning, which means it is moving, but get stuck in your stupid mindset and you will rot.

Not even the PNC can rescue you by using the lion's share of development money to develop the north when you add little to the kitty, and spend enormous amount of money to keep you from killing each other.Tampiili, finyiriga ya komm. Naniama

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07-23 03:02
Na who causam
Capt. Katongo
07-23 05:50