Feature Article of Saturday, 21 July 2012

Columnist: Edusei, Eric K.

President Rawlings Was Right, Ghana Is In Trouble

What do we expect the former Head of State, Mr Jerry Rawlings, to say again in respect to governance of our dear nation, Ghana? What clarification do we need from his comments on the actions and in actions of the N.D.C. Government, and their management style of the economy? He has already publically stated that corruption has gone overboard; that the nation is being managed by team B sycophants, some of who he labeled as greedy bastards; that their inefficiency, greed and mismanagement of the country is likely to drive the our great nation into an abyss. This is indeed a mark of a true statesman, a patriot who is driven by his own beliefs and convictions which might be contrary to public perceptions and ideas. Truly, there are a lot of people who might dislike him like for his public statements for various reasons but the least anybody can credit him, is the fact that you know where he stands on any issue, no flattery nor any bull crap.
Anybody of sober conscience who sincerely believes that our nation is on the right path to economic emancipation might be delusional. Ghana, unfortunately, does not have a functional leader in the real sense and this perilous situation is very conducive for many greedy political players who have indestructible agenda to amass wealth at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian. They could not do it during President Rawlings era and this is the time to cash in big time. Interestingly, most of the Team B players are very energetic and smart young people who do not understand the real intricacies of life, and yet, have been given too much power to play and trade with using Ghanaians as experiments. They just started working in life and suddenly want to be millionaires over night. They are skilled in the art of public speaking, very loud, extremely vociferous and armed with weapons to defile and torpedo any public view. They are real masters in the art of defending evil, falsehood, crime and all manners of conspiracy against the nation, the state they have sworn oath to protect and defend. Is that what the revolution aimed to achieve? I don’t think so.
In real life, if someone even kills a fellow human being, he is at liberty to hire an attorney to defend him and he/she does so. Granting that all the cases for compensation against the nation were committed by the past government (NPP), under what circumstances does the government explain to us why they are supporting vampires(greedy complainants) against our nation, having sworn oath to defend us? First, it was Woyome GC 51,000,000 for no contract; secondly, we have Rockshell for $35 million, Waterville for $25million, CP for 94million Euro , African Automobile company for so much that I cannot recollect( a company which has been banned from doing business with an government body) etc. How do we understand the actions of sector Secretaries like Hon Ablahkwa who with impunity would call another sector Secretary to pressure him to effect payment? It is now clear why the president and Martin are angry. Nobody is against judgment debt because it is inevitable, what society hates is the modus operandi.
The loot of the nation’s coffees in reference to the current spate of judgment debts cannot be attributed to politicians alone if we need to conduct an acid based test. What important role did the Judiciary and the Attorney’s Generals Department play in these diabolical and mischievous acts? We cannot in all fairness leave them out because they have questions to answer. As a nation sandwiched by nation wreckers, we need an in-depth analysis and research into the judgment debt saga to put an end to this spate of crimes which are likely to disrupt the engine of growth.
Ghana is a miserable country, a sad nation with a lot of resources and yet her citizens live in misery and want of basic human amenities. Foreigners troop over here without any significant capital, we welcome them without any malice and they in tend manipulate our system which is susceptible to corruption, and use our own people to dupe nationals and the nation as a whole. Just visualize Waterville (Trasacco), African Automobile and other mining institutions i.e. Wyoming Resources Mining Company at Atiwa which owes my company will not settle the debt and yet hire good Ghanaian attorneys to defend them. This is ingratitude and an affront to the intelligence of the black man but I do not blame them because who we are and what we are is our own making because most of us lack conscience. How could a company import cars worth $1 million and end up putting a claim for $ 1.5 billion for certain strange reasons and we are planning to negotiate? How do we negotiate with criminals? What sort of criminal minded people are we dealing with in Ghana? Nothing shocks me anymore because Lebanese nationals strive better economically in areas where corruption is endemic and Ghana is no exception. Why did Prof. Kwamina Ahwoi entertain a company (African Automobile Ltd) that has been debarred from doing business with any Government institution of Ghana? If Ghanaians have forgotten, that is understandable but Prof. cannot be excused because he was part of the committee that took the decision.
How can we mismanage this nation like this and yet attack anybody who raises hue? Is Ghana a failed state or what? Today, our nation is divided by dirty politics, tribalism, nepotism and vindictiveness, all in an attempt to gain political mileage. It is not strange that, today in Ghana, objectivity and service to the nation have no meaning again in our socio-economic life. As to be expected, our nation is deficient of functional leadership and direction, which is invariably driving this nation into the holocaust. The irony of Ghana’s predicament today is the sad story about our president’s desire to seek second term in office. President Mills should in all fairness spare Ghana and Ghanaians further agony, misery and mismanagement. He has proved that good intentions are not enough since he has no energy to protect the masses and the public funds. Enough is enough.
It is understandable why President Rawlings is a miserable man today because things are not going well with his spirit but he has to understand that the new cream of NDC functionaries does not believe in June 4th with the exception of few people like Hon. Martin Amidu who was part of the process. Where is Dr Goosie Tandoh, Dr Yao Graham, Messrs Huudu Yayaa, Osman Boakye, Akrasi Sarpong , etc. Have the NDC people so soon forgotten about their own history? Where were Dr Boamah, Hon Ablahkwa, Kobby, George,Felix , Boateng, Mutala and the likes when the June 4th Revolution was unleashed? I guess, they were in Class 2. Did the party prepare any literature for them to read about their own history, philosophies and ideas before they entered the money zone? Na who cause am? This explains why they are on air repeatedly to defend nation wreckers who are on a perilous journey to loot this nation. Mr President, who is defending Ghana’s interest apart from Hon. Amidu? Those who were fortunate to benefit from over 500 cars (400+115) owe allegiance to the party only. Anyway, from where did the party get money to buy those cars? This is strange and only time will tell.
I pity those who died during the revolution because their sacrifices yielded nothing but opened the gate way for people to amass wealth. Corruption has indeed gone over board and the ordinary Ghanaian has lost track of what it takes to be a patriotic citizen giving room to one philosophy “each one for himself and God for us all”. How can a nation thrive when its policies tends to alienate the down trodden and deprive others from enjoying the national cake because of greed. A nation’s wealth is in its people and it takes exceptional leadership to ensure that. God bless mother Ghana.