Feature Article of Monday, 9 July 2012

Columnist: Iddrisu, Alhaji Bature

Open Letter To JJ

By Alhaji Bature Iddrisu

Your Excellency and former president, Jerry John Rawlings, Napoleon conquered the world, yet when he died in exile on the island of St. Helena, he was forsaken by all who knew him best. His wife went back to her father. His best friend deserted him without even saying goodbye. Two of his most trusted marshals openly insulted him, and even the faithful servants, who'd slept outside his bedroom door for years, left. Why? Because he was totally self-centered; the people around him felt used, but never appreciated.
What a lesson; especially for you who think, "I don’t need others".
If you reach all your goals but lose the people who matter most, what have you gained? Wake up! What you deposit into your relationships today is all you will have to draw on later.
Imagine having a story to tell, but nobody to listen; or something to celebrate, but nobody to celebrate with. And worse of all, your influence ending at the grave, because you failed to share with others the things that God had entrusted to you.
“Think about it Sir” God Bless Us