Feature Article of Saturday, 30 June 2012

Columnist: Wuni, Gumah Joseph

The Man, Prof John Evans Atta Mills

Good morning, my fellow Ghanaians. Future will judge the present as we are also judging the past. When I talked about the past and present i talked about Nkrumah, Rawlings, Achampong and President Atta Mills. This were leaders and leader who were and is prepare to die for our country irrespective of pressure from those imperialist, those murderess and those elites of fascism from the west and the North. Leaders and leader that care about the ordinary citizens especially the needy in our society and fought for equality for all mankind. Leaders and leader of vision and mission for their and his people and others around the globe. You may disagree with me but that is the fact. Just last year, Nkrumah of Ghana statue was unveiled at the forecourt of the new AU headquarters in Ethiopia. It was exciting to see everyone happy and some with tears of joy to see the Great Nkrumah being recognized by his people for his contribution to mankind and not only to Africans. That is what we call leadership. First let’s thank the Chinese government for the funding of this project and H.E. President John Evans Atta Mills of Ghana for the proposal to his fellow heads of states. Kudos and i salute them all.
Between 2001 and 2008 our country experienced a kangaroo administration where all kinds of fraud, crime and injustices prevailed and was let by ex-president Kufou.A hypocrite of Ghana political history. An ex-president who sees white and says it is red. The most corrupt and criminal administration Ghana witness since independence. An administration that over see the murder of the overlord of Dagombas. Because nobody can denied that. It was a design scheme whereby phone lines were cut off for three good days. No single police man went to the rescue of the King even thought we have a police station opposite the kings palace and a temporary barracks in yendi.Three good days? God have mercy on them.
Alhaji Mobila was murdered because of his political stance and Gushegu witness a massacre by followers of government in power (NPP) and nothing was done to this people. Everything was cover up.
Dr.Richard Anane went to AIDS conference and impregnated a woman and the organization of that woman sacked her but Kufour renewed Anane as a minister even when the vetting committee and majority of Ghanaians refused him as a minister of state.
How much was the cost of the renovation of Kufours residence although we have a state house where ex-president Rawlings resided and our current president H.E Atta Mills is residing now?
How much did Kufour spend in awarding his cronies and himself during Ghana @ 50?
Who is Dr.Gazil Yazil? I do not know if my spelling of the name is right.
The fact is that there was a well design cover-up .Burning documents and appointing judges that will favor them when they are in opposition and that is what is happening today. Bias judgments. Kufour administration was made up of a bunch of criminal minded zombies. All this happens under Kufour administration when Nana Addo was a cabinet minister and he never saw something wrong with that. Why did Nana not dream big and think big for the NPP so that he could have easily won the 2008 elections? Did he hate Kufour by not dreaming big and thinking big for his government?
Nana is talking of leadership paralysis in Ghana today, right? For heaven sake, leadership paralysis is when the rule of law is thrown to cronies to do what they wish and like and that is what happens between 2001 to 2008.Total abonsam .That is a fact.
For three good years of Atta Mills’s administration we have not seen such a thing except the Wayome saga. To me, the Wayome issue has do with negligence and not fraud or corruption and this started in 2006 under a criminal and abonsam administration. Thank God this time we do not have white paper from the Castle but report and actions from the Castle. Wayome or no Wayome, no one can compare Atta Mills to Nana Addo. That person may be living in different universe. Ghanaians have to reject anybody who wants to sacrifice them for power sake. Because when a candidate says all die be die, i have to be president at all cost or we Akans, that candidate has no vision for the country and has a myopic mind. If we vote for him the rule of law will be decided in the mafia or marijuana shop. Reject this man for the sake of mother Ghana. Atta Mills is the man best for Ghana and we must vote for him.
According to the president of Ivory Cost,H.E president Alhassan Quatarra, Atta Mills is the wises among the presidents in Africa.Im quoting from another living president.So why throw your vote to the dust bins? Atta Mills do not blow things in the air but he does the right thing. If you want to wake up and see your children smile because yesterday they were fed well in school, give your vote to Atta Mills. If you want to smile when you are in a queue for your salary, vote for Atta Mills come December 7th. If you do not want Ghana to be like México, vote Atta Mills.
Rawlings might have problems with Atta Mills but those differences have to do with those around him and not his personal acts. Can any Ghanaian point to me which president has tolerated more nonsense, stupidity and insults than president Mills? Even Dr. Nkrumah and my mentor Rawlings will never tolerate this critisms and insults from people including this immoral and Hitler slogans zombies. When I say Hitler slogan, I mean it and entertain anyone to watch Hitler documentary and you will confirm this. If Ghana falls in hands of this looters brigade, the good works of our humble president will be washed away by those beasts.
I called on all NDC followers including the president and his vice to make sure there is unity in the party before December 7th 2012.President Mills has proven to be man of the business. He has not abandoned the projects that were started by Kufour and in doing so, cost is reduced and opportunity is given to other areas of concern.
I have observed politicians around the globe behaving ethically and morally right and some out of touch with reality on the ground, but i tell you,Nana Akufo Addo is worst than the messenger of Sodom and Gomorrah. A vote for him is bringing the imperialist back to the land of Nkrumah ,a vote for him is the legalization of corruption,tribalism,nepotism,favoritism, recession of our economy,cocain trade in Ghana and a vote for him is the legalization of gaysm in Ghana which is contrary to our African culture.
I therefore call upon every patriotic Ghanaian to give his/her vote to Atta Mills for the progress of our dear nation. A word to the wise is enough

Gumah Joseph Wuni.
BMC 50 Nalerigu-Gambaga.N/R