Feature Article of Sunday, 17 June 2012

Columnist: Suhuyini, Hamza S.

Rejoinder- Nana Ato Dadzie Is A Liability For Betty Mould

I have read the unbelievable and shocking rendition of extreme hollowness espoused by Dr Kwame Okoamp-Ahoofe on the questionable Leceister recorder story on madam Betty-mould Iddrisu( A former minister of justice in Ghana). Seldom do i waste my precious time in responding to such mischievous and emotionally filled pieces, but for the sake of many decent readers, I wish to respond adequately to the rather degrading analysis on the non-existent, mischief driven and NPP creation Leceister recorder by Dr Kwame.
First of all, the inherent bitterness against the National Democratic Congress by Dr Kwame which he finds difficult to suppress in his article as shown in his opening statements “of the Mills -led government of the SO-CALLED National Democratic congress” exposes his motive not only to rundown the NDC but also its associates by extension Madam Betty-mould Iddrisu. This therefore makes it difficult for one to appreciate his however questionable motive to attempt an objective analysis.
Secondly, Dr kwame states clearly his measured interest in the veracity or otherwise of the non-existent Leicester recorder in the following paragraph “.......I am far less interested in whether, indeed, Mrs. Iddrisu acquired legitimate ownership of the alleged three real-estate properties, located in different parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, than the very facile and tawdry logic by which Nana Ato Dadzie attempts to silence the critics and political opponents of Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s alleged pay-mistress”, yet proceeds to make analysis of the response of Nana Ato Dadzie which is a product of the questionable story. What kind of analysis is this? So we are being made to understand by Dr. Kwame that the veracity of the so-called recorder is of little essence to us but the response and factual denial of Nana Ato Dazie? I thought an objective minded person would have had the patience to do an independent enquiry to at least ascertain the authenticity of the report before going public to misinform based on pure hatred for a political party and its associates. My little investigations show, that the numbers quoted as contact lines on the Leicester recorder so-called rebuttal are even not accurate as well as the email address. Below are the details for independent verification.
Jacinta Crispin- Jones
The Leicester Recorder
Saint Nicolas Circle,

Read more: http://omgghana.com/our-story-is-not-a-fabrication-the-leicester-recorder/#ixzz1y0Nyquex
I also find far below the belt for a Dr to swallow hook, line and sinker allegations made by a non-existent news outlet and to quote copiously from it as if it were his “though said the Lord” yet doubts the factual denials of Madam Betty-mould Iddrisu through her lawyer Nana Ato Dadzie( remember the burden of proof rests on the non-existent recorder and not Betty-mould). Madam Betty-mould states clearly she doesn’t have an account with Barclays bank and proves beyond doubt that she doesn’t know any Dr. Kumar. She also asserts that the house numbers provided by the leceister recorder are really shops on the streets of UK and She does not own any house in the UK. Are these denials difficult to verify? What more do you expect Hon. Betty to do or say? Can’t the so called recorder verify these denials and make public their findings rather than their mere insistence that their mischief is true?
Finally, I have been so saddened by the spirited attempt by Dr Kwame to reap political gains of such a wicked and heartless propaganda piece against a mother, a role model, a daring woman and an accomplished lawyer who in the face of the enormous promises made in the justice sector by her party faced these challenges head-on when recent releases by some of her colleagues exposes their unwillingness to have gone to that ministry( may be because they felt they couldn’t stand the heat but she did). I tried so hard Dr. kwame, to reconcile your heading (“Nana Ato Dadzie a liability for betty-mould”) to the substance of your article but the more I try the more I get convinced by your closing remarks (“It is also clear that since President John Evans Atta-Mills has clearly indicated that he cannot be bothered, in anyway whatsoever, by the criminal activities of his former and current cabinet appointees and other senior public officials, perforce, an Akufo-Addo administration will have to carry on such morally and materially imperative housecleaning exercise”) that you have also been infected by the desperation disease for power that seem to be the synonym to the NPP under Nana Addo hence the reason for the tangential heading. You are pardoned.

Hamza S. Suhuyini
Former NUGS President.