Feature Article of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Columnist: Dugubrame, Noah Asare

Where Is Our President?

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 09:53:07 +0100 (BST)

At one point in anyone's life you expect to see a demonstration from someone you regard as a guardian to act and show that he or she really cares. They are the times that little children cry and call their fathers and mothers. Times when you see an immediate danger and an on coming calamity.

Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom of the PPP chided president Mills on Joy for the long and unusual silence he has maintained since the outbreak of strings of conflicts all across the country. At a point one is tempted to ask if Ghana has a president at all.

In a space of two weeks, Ghana has witnessed conflicts in three key areas of our country. First in Nakpanduri in the north between Konkombas and Bimobas resulting in the death of six. Just as that was calming down the one in Ekumfi Narkwa was stirred up upon the discovery of the beheaded Abusua Panin of the township. There, three lives were lost, properties burnt down with women and children fleeing for safety. Before we could go into that, Hohoe was also set ablaze. The chief's palace razed down with fire and his two cars burnt to ashes. The resulting attack saw shops and other priceless assets vandalized and in some cases looted. In Hohoe there were gunshots, two dead and serious injuries to others.

At least one expected a word from the president or at least the presidency frowning at such barbaric acts and charging the security forces on to ensure the re-establishment of calm in the areas affected. Strangely, and I repeat very strangely no one has heard the president cough throughout this turbulent times.

I on this occasion commend the National Chief Imam for the steps he has taken so far. The words he spoke and his personal appearance in Hohoe to calm nerves down is a great stride I will always respect him for. Our president had time to ride in a convoy to Malata market to purchase four balls of kenkey to challenge the inflated cost of kenkey put out by the daily graphic and npp communication director, but never saw it expedient to go at least to his own hometown of Akumfi Narkwa which is just a stone throw from Accra to talk to his own people who accused the Ewe settlers falsely.

President Mills could not even as less as speak a word of encouragement to the people affected and to also give an advice to those who were taking advantage of the chaos in all these three places.

The president's posture at this crucial moment makes one to think that he doesn't even care. And it comes long after reports that he said in the USA that if he wants to think about Ghana he will die before his time. It sounds like a confirmation of these words he reportedly spoke at that time.

Even if the president does not care, a few lines of sentences from him to soothe those affected and to give a stern warning to those taking advantage of the chaos to cause mayhem could have done the trick.

I personally have difficulty in understanding the silence and unconcerned posture of our president. Can anybody tell me where our president is?

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Asare Dugubrame. Frankfurt, Germany.