Feature Article of Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Columnist: Kporfor, Jacob

Things Mills needs to do to bring back J.J.

There are different characters and different types of behavioural characteristics. Rawlings is one person I have studied over the years. He shouts his anger out and that ends it. He is not a wicked man. His heart is very soft and very kind and loving. He looks fearful but very approachable. He is only principled by nature hates stealing and liars. He needs sometimes to be praised a little. He believed in the development of all!
His refusal to join NDC is not actually from him. It is from the wife. Certain times if one listens to the wife too much one hates everybody around him. Rawlings for sometime now has been so close to the wife and it is normal because they are growing , the kids are becoming of age and not much has been occupying Konadu in terms of family responsibilities. This is the time she keeps telling Rawlings a whole lot, some may be true others her own hatred for others. I don’t really see much wrong on her side, all women would do this to have the attention from the husband.
Things Mills need to do:
Step 1.
Forget about politics and approach them in terms of relationship. Build the relationship as it was before. Render apology where you need to. Let them know your difficulties in terms of running the party for that matter the country. Let them be aware that the NDC not being what it used to be with a full grown constitutional rule. The power does not lie in your hand as an individual. All the arms of government play strong role.
Step 2
Women don’t easily accept defeat. Find a way to draw the woman closer by some important post. The begging might not be easy but it will work eventually. In my tribe in the ewe land a woman is pampered even though they might be wrong sometimes. Apply all kinds of positive feedback and she might be convinced along the line.
Step 3
The conflict as seen afar might also be between Rawlings and the Vice President. Mr. Daramani is a nice man too but they don’t sometimes agree on each others opinions, but they have been able to tolerate each other for a whole long time. Sometimes yes Sir master doesn’t spoil anything. The Vice needs to soften a bit afterall by our constitution JJ can not be come a president again in Ghana.
Step 4
Ghanaians are not interested in putting anybody who misappropriate our monies into jail again. We want the money back. Mills need to start steps to retrieve government land taken under Kuffour’s regime including those taken in the NDC’s too. Lets look at Woyome’s account and his properties those he has given out for the public like schools, churches and other institutions be left the way it is. For a example there is a rumour that the NDC head office, part of the money is gone there, that is also for the public it can be head office for all the parties.
Step 5
Democracy is a developing process. We don’t need to copy the whites with blind eyes. They have been brought up in different ways than us, values,morally, innovation etc and they are in different system all together. Lets seek they public opinion on certain things and move on. Our Lawyers especially those who study criminal Law excuse me to say they have no conscience in their ways to make their life better. They would do anything to grab that money.
The Ghanaian are humble people if well educated on state of event they will all follow at all times.