Feature Article of Sunday, 10 June 2012

Columnist: Mepeasem, Kwame

Memo to the President

To: President J. E. A. Mills
From: Kwame Mepeasem
CC: All Media houses
Date: 6/9/2012

Subject: Matters needing urgent attention

I have observed with keen interest events taking place in the country and wish to make some submissions.

o Your chief of staff should be replaced because he is not proactive and is unable to handle government business effectively; he has a lot to learn from Kwadwo Mpiani. That position requires an astute politician and a party stalwart to skillfully manage government business and appointees and hold the machinery together.

o Koku Anyidoho should be encouraged to resign or be sacked since he lacks the qualities of a presidential spokesperson; this recent gaffe is not his first and will not be his last if he continues to hold that office.

o A way should be found to control the price of cement and other commodities which are crucial to the economy, even if it means government importing and selling at a controlled price at designated depots in each region until the private sector can get its act together. You cannot throw up your arms in despair; you have the resources of a country of 25 million, please use it.

o Issue a fiat that all businesses transacted in the country be done in cedi equivalent and that no commodity or service be quoted in dollars.

o Government’s communication team should on no platform ever comment on Martin Amidu irrespective of the issues he will raise, if his statements borders on national security he should be arrested for the necessary state apparatus to deal with him according to law.

o All matters pertaining to the Rawlings’ should not be commented on, they should be allowed to fade into political oblivion by their own doing if they so wish.