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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dreams


2012-06-21 03:12:27
Comment to:
NDC exploits Anti-Ashanti sentiments

You are just like the hypocrite chief calling people dishwashers and old men living in Nursing homes.
I am from Local 829 New York and get huge pension from the Jacob Javits Center.I was the only Ghanaian with book A in the teamsters Union.
Though some whites try to set conditions for minorities to join the Union, but Binzi of blessed memory was the one who stood for me and the few Blacks in the union.
The city of New York accused Binzi of being a mobster and a relative of John Gotti but this man believe all men are equal.
Remember that pride does not put bread on the table.The Zongo community helped build the Gbi state.
My son said daddy don't insult the Cardinal because he is close to the Pope,i said son he is a hypocrite.

Will you go and get a life? Your son is smarter than you are. What is wrong calling you old since you are already receiving pension. You are over 65 huh? Sad you can't go back home to live because you built your castle in your stomach.

I am only 54 years old.I go to Ghana every year,I will be calling you from Ghana very soon.
Call Yaw frimpong of Copacabana Restaurant in Kumasi and ask him about Osofo or chilly willy and he will tell you more about me.
I wash dishes in my Roberto's Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas like Larry Holmes washing dishes at his commodore Hotel in Easton Pennsylvania.
I can teach you how to open a Mexican Restaurant in Ghana,
Very soon,I will be posting my recipie on the Ghana web for free so watch out.

Prince willy Meat Loaf.
1 Ground beef,
2 One egg
3 Two table spoon of soy sauce.
4diced onion and diced pepper.
5 A pinch of salt.
6 Add bread crumbs or oat meal.
Mix all ingredients together set it in the oven for 20 minutes and set to eat with rice.

Can your old ass stop lying about your age? You told me two years ago that you were 59 years when an 87 year old Bentum dies and you said you came to this country with him in 1972. Do you remember me asking you that then you might be old and you said you were only 59 years old?

Stop being an old idiot advertising your foolishness. How can you be 54 and receiving pension from your old job? You cannot start receiving pension in USA until you are 62 and half years old or you can start receiving p early pension from the company you work for at a reduce rate at age 55, so how can you be receiving a 'hefty' pension working as a custodian at Jarvits center in New York?

You are so stupid you can't even lie out of a paper bag, YOU DUMB OLD IDIOT.

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