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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dreams

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2012-06-19 10:01:14
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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dr

"Cardinal is it not reasonable that if the president was sick two weeks ago at the crash site, then it is possible he has been undergoing medical check ups and treatments internally in Ghana and that can explain his absence over the last two weeks???? or is it reasonable to think that the state will maintain a sick president outside medical care for two weeks and then only after two weeks will send him to USA for check up or treatment????? your logic is weird!!!!! "

Read your first sentence of your quote and if Mills has been going through some battles of check, then why is he telling us he is going to do 'normal' check up and then tell me whether Mills is lying?

You do regular or normal check-up and if something is detected that needs further testing as you are alluding here, then you don't call that 'normal' check-up but 'special' or 'advanced' check-up that maybe cannot be done in Ghana.

Read the last part of your quote above and then put your thinking cap on and see whose thinking is weird. Let me sum up the whole quote above for you. What you are inferring is that, the President cannot be sick for two weeks without finding out what is wrong with him so he knows he is sick and that is why he is going to USA.

Then the President should not tell Ghanaians he is going to USA for normal Check-up but should tell us he is going to USA for medical treatment he cannot get in Ghana and we will understand it, exactly what I said in my first paragraph which you failed to grasp.

The problem is not me but you because your reasoning shows you have shit in your head for brains, you stupid mutt of a clod, piss off, idiot.

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Re: NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us mor
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