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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dreams

Comment: No Need to be tribal, arrogant and insul

2012-06-01 04:36:34
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It is a shame that Ghanaian who ought to knonw better are the worst offenders! There is no need for the writer to say all these! December is an election month, all what is needed is for poltical parties to appeal to the mind and conscience of the people of Ghana in a possitive way and then they will decide who should have the mandate to govern this great nation of ours! It is not insults, tribalism or arrogance that wins power! This nation is for every Ghanaian and not a few! A word to the wise is in the.........

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06-01 00:57
No Need to be tribal, arrogant and insul
06-01 04:36