Feature Article of Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Columnist: Dugubrame, Noah Asare

The "Traitors", The "Greedy Bastards" And The "Barking Dog"!!!

It was a fierce fight in Omanpa. The "Barking Dog" had to lead the fight with his old skills, experience and all what he had in him. He roared from the shores of Omanpa Ahenkro to the outermost parts of the beautiful gold rich kingdom. It was as if he was the one to be enskinned. The real regent was almost dumb. He had almost thrown in the towel when he viewed the great elephant trampling down trees, animals and men alike. The "Barking Dog" was one of the reason they could defile the odds and touch down at Tain for the final showdown.

The unexpected victory could not even be believed by the heir himself. Instead of being happy he got nervous and committed one and a million blunders in reciting his swearing in words. On that very first day his enemies gave him new names. Omanpa felt embarrassed that their new king could not even say what he just had to repeat from the king maker. It was more annoying because if he could not hear, the script was also in front of him and he could read it as well. The blunders followed into his choice of new elders. People said he consulted the "Barking Dog" before making his nominations but the names were changed by some elders in the family without his knowledge and of course that of the "Barking Dog".

These happenings, just in three months of being on the skin started creating frictions between King Ecomini Konongo Kaya I alias the tortoise and the "Barking Dog".

Having refused his nominations and opting for some inexperienced folks, the "Barking Dog" named the team of elders as "Team B". They were later upgraded as the "greedy bastards" after observing how they were grabbing monies to wed wives in far away USA, buy chinchinga and pampers, marry under aged girls, put up great mansions all over the place, riding big flashy cars, describing mansion gifts as tokens and how they were rushing public lands at cheap costs.

The name King Ecomini Konongo Kaya I is said to have been the idea of the "Barking Dog". And the name "Barking Dog", an Idea of the General of all the disturbing Mosquitoes.

The "Barking Dog" was hurting. He had laid down his life for this King Ecomini only to be ignored and treated like an outcast in his own clan. A clan he brought up by himself. Since when The king rose to the thrown he never attended the celebration of the day the dog broke the chains and became a celebrated hero in Omanpa. A day in June and another in December. This days are very precious to him so why do people think he will be happy when King Ecomini has ignored all the three consecutive ones in his rule? He was a Dog but not a barking one. He could both bark, bite and fight like a real dog. So why will one think he will be Content when he is only referred to as a barking dog?

Chief among the greedy bastards one Vadapoi, claimed he and many others had suffered for the party. Can he point to his chest and say he suffered than the Dog himself. When his claws were pulled out where were they? Can they ever say "leave my boys alone" when arrested for highest crime of the kingdom? Bullet in somebody's leg how about the idea that u were going to be executed the following three days? I consider his lamentation as those of a man who has been so fingered indirectly by the word "traitors". But as he put it, the endiisi is their only hope. So please bear with him.

If the bastards will continue to be greedy of course their name will be "Greedy Bastards". And if King Konongo Kaya I will announce to the hearing of all the people of Omanpa that he will go to his former master for advice 24 hours a day only to betray him after mounting the throne, what name else will fit him and his advisers than traitors?

They were busy sharing the gargantuan bootie. Omanpa's wealth is shared among themselves so openly. Woyomology has become a new Faculty in the land of Omanpa University. And woyomisation was hailed than high "moral grounds".

The "Barking Dog" had decided not to bark again. But who among the team B elders could attract attention than the great "Barking Dog"? Gangali's fame has drowned. All his projects did not see the light of the day. STS was buried alive. The Armed robbery combating embraya jets never flied a day. King Ecomini himself had lied to the people. Many trusted him no more. He denied knowing Woyo Ananse, the confident trickster, but was later exposed by his own appointed body. His drastic reduction has become known as drastic increment. Omanpa Ahenkro will be clean hundred days, cholera was now killing the folks there. Even suicide has become so rampant because of extreme hardships the people are facing in his era.

Personally I wonder why they are cursing the "Barking Dog" for pointing to the existence of these traitors in the clan. Had one of their elders not referred to them as "boot lickers, sycophants and fair weather friends" only to be cowed into silence by a lucrative appointment. Had Afote Agoo not lambasted the same people before. Even the chief "Barking Dog's" barber had also expressed same worries before. Why single out the barking dog for destruction.

The kingdom was heading towards another fight. The elephant was flexing it's muscles. The young elephant they tossed about four years ago had grown Big and was already more troubling than the chief warrior himself. Instead of uniting and focusing on that fight, they had enemies within called the traitors. Who are they? You can point them out when you listen to the bitterness in their contributions these days although names were not mentioned. But as it is said when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb, the old are always feel uneasy!!

Anyway, God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Asare Dugubrame. Frankfurt, Germany.