Feature Article of Thursday, 3 May 2012

Columnist: Kono, Tony

To All Politicans, So Call Men Of God And Ghana As A Whole

Ghana is a blessed land, God bless this land before Ghana population was born What ever we do to destroy it unconsciously and consciously we do so to our own detriment. What he God bless, let no man curse or destroy

Politicians are supposed to maintain this blessing instead they chose to ruin it with their greed; maintenance of this natural blessing from God would reflect the peace the men of God pray and ask for; and they also chose the same greed and corrupt the peace ( But God still loves us even though we fall short of his glory he is still ready to forgive us .

55 years of independence no civil war, what a wonderful God!!! ; loving, caring understanding and patient Creator!!! Kwame Nkrumah would not be forgotten because of his love for Ghana and Africa as a whole .His ideology reflect his love for this country and above J.J Rawlings demonstrated a very great sign of Love for this country “But A good prophet is not accepted in his own country” Unlike other African country's leaders who are selfishly hungry for power and refuse to hand over, that result into civil wars which lead to destructions of human lives and properties, genocide and so forth Atta Mills is a man of clean heart but he should listen to JJ for his heart to be pure because we need pure Ghana not only clean which will be dirty again xxxx JJ should exercise patience in all that he says and does for more blessing and directions from God

Atta mills; you are just a mere man before God; not a president before him Man appoint you to lead them to peace ,ask God to give you strength and more wisdom to fulfill his promise to mankind, only then your work will be complete . Ghanaians should stop abusing the freedom we are enjoying in Ghana It’s a free gift from Ghana;

The insult we exchange everyday would be sown into the younger ones that will be reaped by the next generation Already enough damage has been done to us we should not compound them we criticize too much and too blindly and baselessly As for those in opposition, they should wait upon God patiently for their turn. If every man in this country is doing perfectly what he is called to do Ghana would be relieved of this stress At least electricity would not be problematic, water would reach every corner of the wall of this country, arm robbery would reduce to the minimum, fraud would not be encouraged, and corruption would be limited, We create all these Ghana; and we are fighting them how can we win if we don't change in attitudes

For examples Greed is now possessed by every Ghanaian; we chase money blindly, we chase, fame, qualifications, positions and promotions with all our strength and when we achieve it we use it to oppress even sometimes abuse it and intimidate those who lack it, we create envy, division, that lead to all this The Famous and Supreme Being of this entire universe “God" is no more recognized We have no love no fear for him and abuse his words and all his ways

The Love of money is the root of all evil and i say the Love of God is the source of peace

If there is love and fear of God white men would not do to us "slavery and racism" and that is still in practice .Human exploitation is another form of slavery (Ghana oil; how much does Ghana receive?) The best cocoa product comes from the west but we produce and supply the raw cocoa We adopt their system and use it to our own detriment Ghana has not fully grown wings but we want to fly; sudden fall awaits us if we don't reverse to build the foundation strong If there is total peace then we should enjoy maximum security, there is none; why the rich are living in continuous fear; just look at your fence wall with all the unnecessary security system; some are even hazardous to human health, the churches also live and worship in fear, there are police check point everywhere in the city but we are not secure Is that not obvious that man can not provide maximum security that is derived from total peace? Only God gives total peace Please Ghana let the fear and love of God reflect in all that we do...is the only way out

I see a tendency of third world war at door step; America will soon fall and they will all run to Africa Ghana will be their choice