Feature Article of Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Columnist: Maame Alake

Can The Truth Be Twisted?

Apathy, self centeredness, haughtiness, self-importance, self-possession, swells headedness, self-glorification, and lack of passion for human suffering is what the writer observed in most of the politicians in Ghana. This kind of attitude and behavior of some Ghanaian politicians envelope my darkest fear, reminding me of war, and genocide of countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Serra-Lone, and some war tone countries In Africa.

As I recall the genocide of Rwanda, Ugandan, Serra-Lone and other part of African, due to ethnic and tribal war, my heart beats so fast that I could feel my blood rushing through my veins, not sparing me the anxiety I feel. Ghanaians are bargaining for a price they cannot afford to pay or should I say they are trying to tread upon waters without learning how to swim. What transpired between the Hutus and the Tutees, of Rwanda was a mere loose talk which I believe was not well taken by either one of the tribes, which resulted into genocide. Again, will it be fair to say that one self-glorifying idiot incited the nonsensical tribal or ethnic insinuations. Some citizens of the countries I have mentioned in my script were haughty, swell- headedness, and ignorant who had no sympathy for human suffering. Without a doubt, I can smell or sense that some politicians in Ghana are on the brink of driving Ghana into same sickening state. Ghanaians will have to reason and think of how hard they have worked to bringing their country’s name on the international pedestal. Noticeably, Ghana is known to be one of the most peaceful and democratic country in the African Continent. Although, very young in tasting the liberty of democracy, it is still a privilege for we Ghanaians to enjoy a democratic country rather than being under a military rule or the dictatorship of a tyrant. For Ghanaians to wake up to see the bright morning sun each day is considered, a blessing, therefore it is absurd to hear these self-important, self-centered, politicians come on airwaves to torture the mental state of Ghanaians in Diaspora and home.
The whole notion of this political fiasco between the two leading parties the NPP and the NDC is because most of them know what they are doing behind close-doors (Woyome saga) others are being overly critical of each other. why? They are greedy, self-centered, self-absorbed, and full of themselves. They love to proclaim their wealth, and argue over trivial matters. They feel they are educated, intelligent and untouchable, because they make decision for Ghanaians in the name of law and order, and so Ghana belongs them. Mean while they are all Bone heads, who cannot govern themselves, needless to say to govern a whole country. Instead of these politicians, to think of strategic ways of bringing investors into Ghana, so that Ghanaians can enjoy the basic standard of good living, they will rather go on air and name call their opponents, and how they will share the money which they have borrowed from overseas. Upon all the magnificent resources we have in Ghana and after fifty five years of independence, we are still beggars, not even beggars with choice, but baggers without shame and without choice. Ever since the Woyome scandal broke some ministers resigned without the slightest hesitation, and other felt like all hell has broken loose. My question is what kind of money are they going to live on, giving the fact that they always complain that they do not make enough money nor do they not get pay well enough. I quite recall the former attorney general, Mrs. Betty M. Inddruis, a smart pretty chameleon complaining to some law student that if she had known that studying law wouldn’t have fetched her enough money she wouldn’t have studied to become a lawyer. What an unbelievable statement? Perhaps, she should have studied to become a State government con artist. People, please correct me if I am wrong. Now tell me where is her interest to serve her country with honesty and integrity? Why did she quickly resign? A good chunk of the Woyome monies have been well kept and therefore her survival is not at stake. It will be peaceful and tranquillo with her. “Government money na free” This woman’s case should be properly looked into.
I will not guess a second that I am being overly critical. In fact, facts are facts and the truth cannot be twisted. If politicians went to their respective offices with honesty and integrity, with bleeding heart for women and children, and also to serve their country with due diligence and pride, they will not panic or argue over flimsy issues. They will think of the country, and the suffering of Ghanaians. Though, some politicians have vacated their position as politicians, they still come to the lime light to cause confusion and chaos. They are out of office and do not hold any political position yet they maintain political statues without portfolio. “ASEM” I do not know if it will be fair to say that their job is to create political discourses by inciting insinuations which bring unnecessary tribal and ethnic conflicts amongst the people of Ghana. Those who hold position come together and share the state money among them. Woyome, a super dupa con artist, who never worked for Ghana managed to use his 419 scheme to swindle money from government chuffers, case still pending, soon and docket will vanish through thin air. When problem arise they channel the money into foreign accounts because they can escape without facing tribunal. This time there will be no chance for monkey. They purposely educate their children overseas and abundant the schools and hospitals in the Ghana. It is a shame that after fifty five years of independence, schools are still held under trees, and hospitals are not up to millennium standard.
Most Ghanaians can barely make ends meet, yet they allow some of these politicians to prey on their innocence and vulnerability. As soon as they (the politicians) resume office they forget that those poor uneducated, innocent, people who are looking forward to a better standard of basic good living voted them into office. They focus on their families, and how they will give them quality living. Never mind, their daily bread is secured, but the poor man living on the street who does not know where his next meal is coming from will go and fight for empty barrel Kennedy Agyapong who has nothing to offer his country, but to go on air and talk trash or rubbish. Mr. Minister is that what you were taught at Adisadel College. I thought your parents sent you to school to learn what we call discipline and etiquette, as lucky and blessed as you are to have your parents educate you, trust me you are a disgrace to intellectuals and academics. Kennedy Aygapong, have you forgotten that at the end of the day we are all Ghanaians, thus no Ewes or Ashanti’s are going to be deported to the sub Saharan dessert. Hypocritically, they the politicians come and stand on platforms and ask Ghanaians in the Diaspora to help Ghana, while they are using state money to educating their children and seeking medical attention overseas. Politicians have no empathy for their own mother land because they know that they will be able to escape to any foreign land should there be a conflict. My fellow Ghanaians please, do not allow these politicians to mislead you. They have the opportunity to leave the country in the event of any conflict.
Mothers and fathers, advise your children. Let them understand that most of the politicians they are willing to dying for are there for their own political gains and fame, therefore they must not pay a price with their precious lives by fighting each other. The aftermath of war is not pleasant. Least I forget very important, if Ghanaians think that the western world will come to their aide, should there be a fight, then my friends we are joking. They will not come. Parents, let your children understand that it is okay to support a party but that does not warrant them to go seek trouble. The most important thing for them to do is to vote for a party which they think can help build the country. All the politicians have nothing to offer them and they have nothing to lose. However, I will make it clear to these politicians, if they think that they will cause any chaos and leave Ghana for a foreign country, I promise them this good news with all high esteem, that we the Ghanaians in the Diaspora will protest until we see them face the world tribunal for the injustices they cause Ghanaians. Our forefathers have shed enough blood for our lands, and we do not need any more blood shedding. This is the time for us to make things better. We can do better if we care for each other. We can do better if we sit down and reason with each other. After, fifty five years of independence lets prove to the world that we can govern ourselves.
Although, my parents are not in Ghana, whatever happens to other people’s parents happen to me too. I do not want to get emotional, I will rather sit brave so that my mental ability will guide me to be transparent and not bias. To the children of Ghana please, do not let these confused arrogant, self petty, clever pretty vipers thrust you into civil war. They are ready to leave Ghana without you knowing when they will pack up in the event that there should war or conflict. I repeat. If life is tough in Ghana you all have embraced it with DIGNITY AND PRIDE, for many years. Let each other’s concern be a concern of our Nation, MOTHER GHANA. TOGHTHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. AT THE END OF THE DAY WE ARE ALL GHANAIANS. PEACE AND LOVE. GOD BLESS GHANA. PLEASE READ THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. THE SECOND STANZA OF THE NATION ANTHEM SAYS (AND MAKE OUR NATION GREAT AND STRONG) NOT SMALL AND WEAK. ON THE MIGHTY AMERICAN IT IS INSCRIBTED “IN GOD WE TRUST”, THAT IS WHY THEY ARE GREAT; SOON GHANA MUST INSCRIBE ON THEIR MONEY “IN GOD WE BELIEVE”. SO THE BLACK STAR WILL SHINE FOR ALL AFRICAN NATIONS. AMEN.

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