Feature Article of Saturday, 21 April 2012

Columnist: Okyeame On The Beat

You Are Digging Your Grave

(Okyeame Tells Sammy Awuku)

Sammy Awuku, Sammy Awuku, Sammy ‘Dito, Dito’ Awuku; how many times did I call you? Fine, if you indeed, want to be of essence to your parents, then you must be sensible and be mindful of your language or else you face the consequences.
In fact, if your parents are alive, then I will advise that you see them so they can give you a brief history about the political family you are longing to die for, instead of getting something better doing to enable you take care of them - your parents.
My son, ‘Dito, Dito’ I admire you not because you are intelligent but how you are trying hard to make it in life, even though I totally disagree with some of the pranks you and your colleagues use so as to put body and soul together.
Don’t pretend, because you are aware of what I’m talking about; and should I hear you again displaying arrogance and continue with your senseless attacks on the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye, you will smell pepper, I swear.
Sammy; you know how far I can go and trust me; you’ll curse the very day your mother brought you into this world. As a retired diplomat and someone very known in the political history of this country, I admire how you the young ones have decided to come on board and to contribute to the political discourse in this country. But that does not in any way give you the bravado to be raining insults on prominent personalities in this country.
Having listened to the tape recording and the foul language you used in describing the IGP because he has decided to enforce the laws of this country, and indicated in plain words that he will not allow you people to carry out your flagbearer’s silly “all die be die” plan, you must insults him?
In fact, you and your “all die be die” master must be joking. But; you Sammy Awuku should be circumspect about the way and manner you carry yourself in politics, else you will crash.
Sammy; if you care to know and if that grown-up monkey you are following will not tell you the truth because he wants you dead so they can come to power, I’m sorry you are fast digging your own grave, if you continue this way.
Mind you, the personality you have made a subject of attack on daily basis, until he retires from the service has power than you. So be careful and not cry “maa maa maaa” like Kennedy Agyepong when you fall foul of the law one day.
If Kennedy Agyepong, with his loudmouth is pleading for forgiveness under the grips of the law, then you, who have nothing to boast off, should be careful. As I have already indicated, I am aware of all your pranks and you know what I’m talking about, so be careful not to incur my wrath.
Sammy, you and your “all die be die” boss can go and burn the sea, because your evil plan of plunging this country into chaos will not work; so better stop destroying your future because Akufo Addo and his Akyem mafia has promised you an appointment.
I hear you on the tape during your interaction with that TESCON branch that you have targeted someone’s file: Hi look here; you better apply for some job because your warmongering boss cannot and will not be elected as President of this country.
Young man, be wise and don’t be reckless in the path you have decided to chart, because you will be digging your own grave, if you continue this way. Again, back off from the IGP in order not to incur my thunder, period!!!