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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective Justice

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2012-04-20 06:20:47
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Adofo is Barbaric.

Re: Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - A Victim of Selective Justice.

It looks like Mr. Rockson Adofo is living in space to pontificate about selective justice against Akans when the facts on the ground points to the opposite.

When the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and John Agyekum Kufuor were in power many Ewes and Akans who are members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were imprisoned for causing financial cost to the state, not that they stole money from the state. The judges wrote themselves that the Ewes and Akan NDC members they jailed did not gain anything through the various agreements they sign and as a result they were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.
We heard John Henry Mensah said that by the time the NPP leaves office all the executives of the NDC will be imprisoned and that the party will defunct. Even Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings was facing trial for the purchase of the Nsawam Canary by her movement the 31st December Women Movement.
As soon as Kufuor became the president of Ghana he made sure like Kofi Abrefa Busia before him to dismiss all Ewes in senior positions in both the public and civil service. The current National Security Coordinator, Lt. Col. Glevo Lartey (rtd) and Hodari Okine all Ewes became victims of Kufuor's and pogrom in both the Security and Public Service. Most Ewes had their petrol filling stations taken away from them and given to the cronies of Kufuor.
It is on record that it is the same judiciary that sentenced ministers and members of the NDC to prison for causing financial cost to the state which is still in the chamber but has up to date failed to sentence members of the NPP who are Akans to prison for the same offense for which they sentenced people for just four years ago.
From the above the NPP has decided and resolved to first of all deprive Ewes of participation in the administration of the affairs of this country, deprive them of all financial gain whatever and the case of Mr. Alfred Woyome also comes to the fore.
It has now become clear that the NPP and Akans in the judiciary have infringed on the right of Ewes to justice in the courts, deprive them of financial gain (a case in question is the noise that Akans both in government and the judiciary made over some 5 million dollars that was paid to Tsatsu Tsikata but supported the fact that the EO Group who are Akans should not be questioned over their dubious financial gain. The game has moved to the next stage which is to physically exterminate Ewes and Gas as Mr. Kennedy Agyepong has alluded to.
All these acts and the call on Ewes to go to Togo where they are supposed to be citizens qualify as acts of genocide of which the judiciary which is controlled by Akans is not an exception.
Thus in the face of all these facts above the Ghanaian Judiciary, the New Patriotic Party must jointly be called upon by the international community, the International Court of Justice for why they should not be charged for the act of genocide or they must as a matter of fact purge themselves of the albatross called Kennedy Agyepong who stated by word that Ewes and Gas must be killed and warned the national security forces that they will be dealt with if they stand on the way of the marauding Akan tugs.
The United Nations has witnessed for itself how the call to arms to lynch Ewes and Gas got support from the New Patriotic Party and most Akans who went to the Ghana Police Headquarters to release him and attacked the security services when he was apprehended and detained.
We call on the United Nations to cause the arrest and detention of Mr. Kennedy Agyepong immediately and the authorities in Ghana must as a matter of protecting peace, human dignity and the right of Ewes and Gas to life, which is guaranteed under the United Nations Conventions, which no one has the right to deprive another person off.
The United Nations must as a matter of fact be aware that an attack on Ewes and Gas in Ghana will set the whole of West Africa in flames. Our judiciary has refused to live up to the task of putting off a match that has been light. The Ghanaian judiciary has thus put itself between order and disorder and is confused and has to be awaken from its sleep before the matter take another turn.
We charge Mr. Kennedy Agyepong, the New Patriotic Party and the Ghanaian Judiciary for Genocide against Ewes and Gas. The UN must act now.

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