Feature Article of Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Nana Yaw

Comments Are Totally Out Of Order

Dr Kpessa Whyte ‘S Comments Are Totally Out Of Order

Our attention has been drawn to comments by a gentleman calling himself Dr Kpessah Whyte, accusing Kennedy Agyepong, Member of parliament for Assin North for genocidal comments. We expect people who hold themselves as academics to act responsibly and to be fountains of knowledge and advice, not join the propaganda train of a particular political party.

We are currently carrying out a biometric registration exercise to prepare for general elections in December and the confusion and unrest we have today is because the refusal of the police to investigate and stop violent activity and the slow reaction of the President, the minister of interior and the entire security infrastructure to put a system in place that will be satisfactory to everybody, The fact is the Police may mean well but their actions are giving the impression that they are not been fair and even handed. NPP Parliamentary Candidates are arrested and beaten and their party members assaulted and in a tragic instance of Mr Sherriff Mohammed ,a youth wing secretary killed. Was Dr Kpessah Whyte in Greenland when President Mills in 2007 said Ghana will burn like Kenya or was he in Iraq when Nii Lantei Vanderpuiye said he will defend the biometric registration in Odododiodido with his blood? Where was he when Joesph Ade coker, NDC Greater Accra Regional Chairman said they could not work with ACP Awuni, and that he should be transferred? What about the actions of James Town Police commander Franklin Addai who prevented his own police officers from taking action to protect citizens, who encouraged NDC thugs and hoodlums with clubs and machetes again under the supervision of Nii Lantei Vanderpuiye to chase people in the street What is more treasonable than that ?Dr Kpessah Whyte please come again and stop being jaundiced!

Some of us listened to the Oman Fm programme and Mr Kennedy Agyepong never made any derogatory comments about Gas and Ewes. He said he would mobilise party supporters to defend and protect party members and residents who were prevented from registering in the odododiodio constituency since the police had failed to do so. Ghanaians don’t need a visa to visit ododododiodio Constituency or any where in Ghana. The root cause of this problem is Mr Nii Lantei Vanderpuiye , The NDC parliamentary candidate preventing Ghanaians with non GA surnames from registering, which is illegal according to Dr Afari Gyan under our electoral laws. The constituency has a sitting MP Hon Jonathan Tackie Commey, who has disciplined himself and behaved responsibly and we give him credit for that . He has not prevented anybody from registering, so what right has Nii Lantei Vanderpuiye, a parliamentary candidate have in mobilising thugs and macho men to beat a woman and other innocent individuals?

We support the NPP National Chairman’s call for calm and once again call on the police to sit up and investigate all crimes that have marred the electoral process irrespective of who has committed it. We are always ready to support efforts to build a constructive relationship with the police and the security agencies .The police must stop being the military wing of the National Democratic Congress and be the Ghana Police Service that serves and protects all Ghanaians.

Nana Yaw Sarpong

NPP UK Communication Team