Feature Article of Monday, 16 April 2012

Columnist: New Patriotic Party

Is This An Attack On Ghanaian Womanhood?

In the 21st century and after years of asserting our autonomy and freedom from oppression there should be absolute and zero tolerance of political violence in our dear country.

The question is, “what did the hoodlums whether NDC or not planned to achieve from their cowardly acts of violence against Ms. Ursula Owusu and her entourage’’? If the perpetrators of this unpardonable crime think the carrying of guns, cutlasses and makeshift weapons will deter our proactive party, the NPP and for that matter its parliamentary candidates/ MPs from executing their duties to the general populace, LET THEM THINK AGAIN!!!

Reports in the Daily Guide and the social media make one cringe with disgust at the level of powerlessness of the police deployed to the scene of violence to arrest these hoodlums and their inability to protect the public/citizens from exercising their political right and obligation.

Like Prof. Oquaye rightly described, the attack on Ms Ursula Owusu was “a serious blow to Ghanaian Womanhood”. Women constitute over 51% of the population and merely hold 19 seats in Parliament; come to think of it. Is this attack then meant to intimidate women from running for political / high offices in Ghana, one should query? Ghana had adopted the affirmative action proposal to reserve 40% of positions in decision making for women and so we call on the ruling NDC government to be at least proactive enough to implement this commitment or will they leave that for us; NPP among other things to carry out this when we come to power come December? There are a lot more Ursula Owusus’ out there ready to be unleashed in the next NPP-led government.

As a matter of urgency and principle, the Women’s Wing of NPP Republic of Ireland is calling on the head of the Ghana Police Service, WAJU, CHRAJ and all relevant bodies to initiate an independent investigation into this shameful event. We also call on the civil society the AU and the international community to condemn the ever growing and creeping political lawlessness that has become the hallmark of the NDC-led government. The unfettered expression of ones political views is a fundamental human right under International Law and we call on all women in Ghana; regardless of political affiliation to jealously defend this noble provision. GOD BLESS ALL GHANAIAN WOMEN, GOD BLESS ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS, GOD BLESS NPP AND GOD BLESS MS. URSULA OWUSU.

Thank you for your attention.

Ms. Lynda Ackah Deputy Women’s Organiser NPP Republic of Ireland Branch