Feature Article of Friday, 30 March 2012

Columnist: The Ghanaian Lens

An Open Letter To NDC Founder, H. E. J. J. Rawlings

It is with a very heavy heart that we on The Ghanaian Lens chose to use this method of addressing our concern to you, revered Founder of the great NDC, a party that we make no pretension whatsoever about our unalloyed, yet critical, support for.
The heaviness of our heart stems from our belief that you, our revered Founder, appear to be lending yourself to the devious schemes of those who, capitalising on and exploiting your well-established strong sense of loyalty, would ultimately lead you to destroy your image and all that you have been known to stand for over the years.
Mr. Founder, we hold the view, a strong one at that, that no one but Jerry John Rawlings can destroy Jerry John Rawlings, and it is this strongly held view that makes us believe that your well-known strong sense of loyalty is being wickedly exploited to get you to lean towards those who would ultimately lead you to self-destruction.
Sir, we have taken note of an un-signed release from your office and the contents thereof.
Even though we strongly doubt that the said release emanated from you personally, insofar as it emanates from your office, its contents cannot be ignored.
Sir, we on The Ghanaian Lens cannot take any issue with you, dear Founder, for appearing to have prejudged the Kofi Adams case, especially as we also prejudged the matter when we took the liberty to label Kofi Adams as a traitor within the NDC.
But we would have wished that you, our revered Founder, would have summoned us before you to at least prove our case to you, as indeed we would gladly do should the investigations instituted by the party demand our input.
For now, we are refraining from further publicly discussing the details of what has become known as ‘the Kofi Adams tape’ because our objective in making this matter public was not to destroy Kofi Adams the person, but to eliminate the threat represented by Kofi Adams’ continued stay in office as a Deputy General Secretary, in the face of his own declaration that he would do everything possible to ensure that President Mills does not get re-elected for a second term.
As for Kofi Adams’ hollow public indication that he might be pursuing legal action to supposedly prove his innocence, the least said about it the better. We must however hasten to add that, for the sake of his own image, we wish that he would not pursue such a foolhardy course.
Sir, we wish to assure you that we are very capable of proving the authenticity of the recording beyond a shred of a doubt.
We are therefore keenly awaiting an invitation from you to come and prove the authenticity of the tape to you.
Sir, let no one mislead you into believing that this recording is a fabrication.
Let no one mislead you, dear Founder, into believing that this is an attempt to get at you through Kofi Adams.
As we await your invitation, be assured, Your Excellency, of our highest regards.