Feature Article of Thursday, 15 March 2012

Columnist: Koudjoe, Francis

NPP, Ghanaians Are Not The Only People Suffering From Hardship

. Sometimes I don’t want to talk about politics, but if I listen or read about what people say on radio or in the media especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP), it makes me skip a heartbeat. In fact, I have come to the realization that, the NPP is a party of hypocrites. The NPP are wagging their tongues around like mad bull dogs as if Ghanaians are the only people suffering from hardship. Cost of living in Ghana is high. Agreed. But do you know the cost of living in the United States of America? Do you know the cost of living in Canada? Do you know the cost of living in Europe? Not to talk of Asia and other parts of the world. Even on our own African Continent. The NPP must know that, cost of living is high all over the world and not only in Ghana. They should go and see how people are struggling to make ends meet in the developed countries. How difficult it is to get a job in developed countries. This is the current trend the world is moving. The NPP should give Ghanaians a break because when given the chance, they cannot change anything. It would rather be worse. Have they not been in power before? What did they do to curb the situation? The NPP should stop this nonsense of insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians.

When the NPP was in power, they caused financial loss to the State by spending billions of cedis to register the unemployed. What came out of that? Not a single job was created. The source hardship in Ghana must be traced from the NPP era because they did practically nothing to solve the problem. They should not blame anything on the National Democratic congress (NDC).

Just recently, Ghana was recognized as one of the fastest growing countries in the world. This is due to the good governance of President John E.A. Mills and his NDC party. President Barack Obama heaped a lot of praise on President Mills and his government for maintaining a high growth rate, ensuring food security, dealing with corruption. But the NPP said it was for the sake of diplomacy. Seriously, the NPP are, simply put, “Hypocrites”. They have put cotton wool into their ears and blindfolded their eyes with dirty rags. Therefore, they cannot see what is going on around them. If the NPP cannot see what is going on in the country, others from outside can see and appreciate what the NDC government is doing. The NPP is worried about the international recognition the Mills government is receiving from the outside world.

The NPP should be appreciative of the economic stability in the country under the NDC. High cost of living is a natural phenomenon all over. Like Oliver Twist, Ghanaians will always ask for more. Ghanaians have always complained of hardship under every government. Therefore, NPP cannot use that as a yard stick to throw dust into the eyes of the people. The people will massively renew the mandate of President Mills and the NDC in December, 2012. Long Live Ghana and the NDC