Feature Article of Sunday, 11 March 2012

Columnist: Donkor, Samuel

Stop Living In The Past, Stop The Blame Game

POLITICS AND GHANA WILL PROGRESS - Mother Ghana speaks by Samuel Donkor

In recent years , my nation Ghana is experiencing stagnation in development and causing a declining trend in socio-economic progress. Observation indicates that one of the factors being, too much time and energy is wasted on trivial issues by incumbent government of past events and playing the blame game politics to divert attention, which really abuses the people's intelligence.

It seems my new crop of politicians, especially the youth, who are inexperience, arrogant, egoistic, and without human understanding, take governance as a platform for personal aggrandisment, resulting into politics of insults that achieve no positive results, but apathy. This shows that, today's Ghanaian political leaders seem to be living in the past instead of living in the present. They are not forgiving, are revengeful and harbor personal hatred for critics and minority party, which make them lose focus on their policy programs to the detriment of development progress. They enjoy dragging trivial matters for so long that, real issues of the nation are neglected to the detriment of the people.

With regards to the above characteristics, negative attitude and practice in governance, a great living spiritual Master advises as follows; '' The reason we have wars and troubles with each other is because we always live in the past. We should always live like the animals; they live in the present. They are always in the present. For example, a dog: You just scold him and may be you smack his bottom or something of the sort, and kids also. But then, when you call him back and love him, he comes wagging his tail, or the kids come running to you right away. They don't remember what you did to them even a minute ago.

But sadly, we live mostly in the past, with our memories. The past is always the past, but we always bring it into the present, and then the present in turn influences our future. Because the present becomes the past again and then we always remember all these unpleasant events and find it hard to be happy in the present moment.

This is similar with spiritual practice, where most people live in the past all the time and they forget to become saints themselves or to be on a higher level again. This is also with governance politics. So the World and for that matter nations have to forget the past at all times, forget all the past hurts and forget all the bad events. Learn from them and grow from them, like flowers that grow from bad, foul, smelly, filthy fertilizer and bloom into beautiful presentations for everyone to enjoy.

And this is how we can stop wars, fighting, struggles, political crisis and live a united and peaceful people everywhere on this planet.'' enquote. by Supreme Master Ching Hai

This is Food for Thought to our leaders, especially political leaders in governance. They should be sincere and honest to themselves and to the people who voted them to serve them. They are there to serve a people, human beings not trees. They were voted to power with the hope that, they would correct the mistakes and improve their living standards and also see progress in socio-economic development, which the previous government could not do. They want to live in the present not the past.

And so it is totally wrong and unacceptable for the incumbent government to play blame game rhetoric. Their job is to fix whatever they promised to fix what the past regime could not achieve, period. There is also no need to harbor hatred for critics, when the reigning government is unable to deliver her promises, but doing same as the previous regime. We should tackle what is at present before us and progress instead of struggling with the past to achieve nothing. I write you the truth ; 'What you sow is what you reap''. Gala.6:7

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Yours faithfully, Samuel Donkor.

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