Feature Article of Thursday, 8 March 2012

Columnist: Kabore, Haleema Asana

The Betrayal Of A Nation

Mediawatch Calls For Kojo Twum Boafo To Go Now

Mediawatch Research Associates commends President Mills at long last, for sitting and up and doing something about cleaning up his government. One of the reasons why the NDC has failed to achieve anything meaningful is there are too many corrupt individuals who are not interested whether NDC wins or loses. They simply want to make money and will stop at nothing to grab it.

We have written several times about Mr Kojo Twum Boafo, the so called Executive Secretary of the Ghana Free Zones Board and his embezzlement scams involving 500,000 dollars. So far no action has been take against him. He has rather been rewarded for reasons we cannot explain with a government bungalow at 4h circular road in Cantoments plus a plush apartment at Dansoman estates near the Liberty Professional football Club grounds which he is currently renting out to Chinese businessmen building a hotel at Nyanyano. Who is President of Ghana your Excellency, you or Ato Ahwoi?

We once again ,without fear or favour, call on President Mills to sack Kojo Twum Boafo and replace him with someone more honest, capable and trustworthy. Mr Boafo can carry on with his parrotic duties for his party on radio and elsewhere but he must leave Free zones Board now!

We call for a full audit of the free zones board, we call for an explanation by Mr Boafo into the disappearance of 30 tractors and mechanised equipment meant for farmers in the Eastern and Western Region, in particular farming communities in the Asangrankwa and Huni Valley communities procured by the government of Ghana from India in 2010.We once again call on Kojo Twum Boafo to refund the 500,000 dollars he has stolen from free zones Board since he took office.
Designing a nice website for the free zones board ,writing big thesaurus English, screaming like a hawk on Radio and TV or are not what Ghanaians are looking for. We need men and women who are honest, law abiding citizens to run our state institutions not criminals and thieves hiding behind reading glasses and sunglasses!
We are determined more than ever fr the free zones board and other state institutions t reclaim their past glories and we will keep coming again and again and again come what may until the right thing is done in our beloved country.

Mrs Haleema Asana Kabore
Mediawatch Research Associates
Kaneshie First Light
Additional Information by Paul Kaleku