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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!

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2012-03-02 17:23:09
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Why NPP chairs Public Accounts C'ttee?

A fmr. Cabinet Minister being the chair of that c`ttee. I mean it is a well-known secret that Hon. Kan Dapaah is one of the trusted lieutenants of ex-Pres K4. Can we therefore not see the dilemma the NPP created for itself by nominating him to head that c`ttee? But more to the point, I recall the NPP caucus delibrately keeping a known anti-corruption crusader,the Hon. P.C.Appiah Ofori off its list of nominees, even though the gentleman, like Kan Dapaah, is an accountant, and had served creditably as a member of this all-important body in parliament when their party was in power. Appiah Ofori protested vehemently, but to no avail. He would have been an ideal candidate much like the Hon. Silas Mensah, the fmr. NDC MP, who as the PAC chairman acquitted himself quite well, and now heads the Public Procurement Board.
Frankly speaking, the NPP, as a party,commited a serious error in judgement and timing by engaging in group-think, and with the blessing of ex-Pres K4, refused to cooperate with EOCO. Look, this lame excuse of not wanting to deal with the EOCO because it is supposedly an "inferior" body under the control of the AG`s office is very strange indeed. Besides, lets not forget about those who are in real control of the legislature - the majority side which will have the last laugh in adopting or rejecting the recommendations of the PAC during final voting on the floor of the house. Parl. c`ttees, by nature,tend to be partisan,and can rarely be used to unearth the truth about complex financial transactions involving administrations led by different political parties.

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You are right, but rarely do you have...
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