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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!


2012-03-02 17:21:39
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You have EVERY RIGHT granted to man, from the Garden of Eden, to state your opinions and or concerns regarding this Woyome case. I am impressed by the speed by which you put out an opinion after reading the published interview that Woyome gave- that was quite a revelatory piece of article, eeh? It makes "reasonable minds" go huuhuuhuu....

What I think I hear you saying is that Woyome is being "crucified" in the "court of public opinion" yet he continues to avail to us, in the public domain, “substantive, presumptive, and rebuttable" facts regarding his case against the government, which ONLY a COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION can adjudge. You are NOT acting as judge, jury, and lawyer in this case by drawing any conclusion as to whether the "accused" is guilty or innocent, which most of the bloggers missed in your write-up- you are merely asking the current government to continue to dig and uncover hidden fact(s) which may aid to conclude this case in a judicially fair and impartial manner I say, in addition to what you have so well articulated here, is the gov't ready to REBUTT Woyome's assertions? The government has now successfully amended their appeal to add the claim or is it a criminal charge of FRAUD as a defense or claim to overturn a judgment awarded through a court of competent jurisdiction, yet they are screaming that documents are missing? Yet they have arrested Woyome, detained him, and documents are missing? And now Woyome claims that he was also “harassed” by the former gov’t 9 government nonetheless) in the past for being a presumed Coup plotter? Please note that a charge of fraud in Judeo-Christian legal systems require "CLEAR and CONVINCING" evidence to convict...Do they have evidence to overcome that "burden of proof" when documents are presumably missing? IF NOT, Woyome stands to be more emboldened in his “vigilante justice pursuit” to bring all sorts of lawsuits against the government of Ghana in the future- And, if in fact he is able to prove his innocence, Woyome should sue till kingdom to “teach government officials a lesson” that they are mere stewards of public resources- as such, they must eschew “bad faith and political tainted” dealings that result in gargantuan judgment debts for tax payers- And “bad faith” or “good faith” dealings should be predicated on whether a government or people are poor or third world or what not!

Also, why haven't any NPP former officials come to "REBUTT" assertions made by Woyome in his published interview? Is it because Woyome is sounding more and more credible the more he speaks? Is there any credibility or "truth" to what Woyome is saying? That is all reasonable minds want and should desire to know- and the ONLY establishment who can determine this is a Ghanaian Court of Competent Jurisdiction presided over a by qualified Judge to adjudge (interpret the relevant law(s)), and give ANY and ALL final determination(s) and judgment based on fact and law in this case. I am not a judge or jury ooh, so I shall wait in earnest expectation for what the end result of this case and others pending shall be.

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