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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!


2012-03-02 15:37:12
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President Mills conflicting statements, his parasitic relationship with Woyome and EOCO report evidently expose his conspiracy with the NDC party hierarchy to defraud Ghana. President Mills unsuccessfully proffered two mutually exclusive defenses on the Woyome saga: an initial plea of ignorance and a subsequent plea, via EOCO, of helplessness. He first feigned ignorance of the payment stating: “When this case first broke, I was in the US and I ordered the two ministries involved, at the Attorney General's Department and the Finance Ministry, to give me a report.” However the EOCO report revealed that the President had prior deep-seated knowledge of the Woyome payments and had twice directed the reversal of the judgment and the payment. Besides this contradiction, President Mills refused to act against his subordinates who blatantly violated his directives but he hurriedly fired Martin Amidu, who patriotically revealed the involvement of his colleague ministers in the gargantuan fraud against the Republic of Ghana. There is overwhelming evidence that President Mills and top NDC members were conspirators in the Woyome saga. Very devastating to his credibility is that President Mills and his NDC cohorts had parasitic relationship with Woyome. First Woyome financed the live-broadcast of the President's ostentatious multi-hour parade to pick up his nomination forms from the NDC party headquarters on May 6, 2011. “Friends of Woyome” revealed that Woyome used to pay President Mills’ medical bills. It has also been revealed that a substantial portion of the Woyome funds went to the NDC to finance the construction of its new $20 million headquarters. Finally, Woyome financed the trip of “party supporters” to South Africa for the World Cup (June 2010). It is evidently clear that this diabolical plan was hatched by NDC’s top hierarchy and President Mills and his NDC cohorts are conspirators in this scheme to defraud Ghana (culled from!)

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