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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!

Comment: Makamaka!

2012-03-02 07:12:14
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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act

What the Hell did you write?You must be very stupid.Go back to your own article and read your own contradictions.Now read on In your article,you ask why is Kufour's appointee still the chairman of commitee if theNDC won theelections and has majority in paliament?There must be a good reason for that.You go further ,how can we cloud minds incurably with partisan politics? You are the one advocating partisan politics.You should write that it is brilliant that even though the NDC has paliamentary majority we have a commitee chairman from other party.Where is the partisan politics here?Is Ken Dapaah not a Ghanaian first?Ghanaians should rest assured that we have people who have their heads on and at the right time Ghanaians would see real good unbaised Justice not a foolish one like what we have had in the past.Can you please tell the difference between an Armed Robber and Coup Plotters? Just to enrich oneself and conspirators.Real,Real, Real Justice would surely come.You can rest assured!

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