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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!

Comment: Brain Cells are not on suspension.

2012-03-02 06:13:54
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You need to replenish your brain cells.

Mr. Nyansansem my brain cells are not on suspension and as you could notice I am not sleeping, but awake and typing.

What I stated is that a contract or an agreement is terminated or abrogated, if the agreement or contract written or oral matters arising out of the termination or abrogation of the contract must be put into writing. That is the evidence that the state has up to date not introduced. When a contract if abrogated the party that is liable to pay compensation to one of the parties in the agreement must be identified and all liabilities settled. I am not a lawyer, but from my mediation of arbitration practice I am aware that nothing bares any party from requesting to be paid compensation, which has been paid, but not notified by the parties. The one who claims to have paid the compensation must have documents to prove the same.

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03-02 00:36
Brain Cells are not on suspension.
03-02 06:13