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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!

Comment: Lawyers write contract.

2012-03-02 05:49:11
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Re: The writer is balanced. Leave him alone

Lawyers write contracts mostly. You can pretend that you do not know a woman who cooked and sleep on the same bed with you for ten years because there was no written contract between you. You can also said that a house girl who served you for fifteen years is an illusion because you had no written agreement with the girl.
But the issue that will show that there is an agreement for the performance of a specific job, that has been performed by the woman or girl in question is the job and how a strange person came to be a member of your bedhold and household. There are also certain liabilities that you pay for not emanating from a party having a contract written or oral with you.
Some liabilities arise out and in the course of performing a contract, when the person concerned had a contract written or oral with the one performing the job. For instance in the case of Workmen's Compensation a liability of a subcontractor becames the liability of the principal because the accident occurred during and in the course of the performance of his contract.
The question then arises: Did Mr. Alfred Agbeshi Woyome had any contract with VAMED the principal contractor and what are the terms of the contract. Does the state has knowledge of a legal entity called Alfred Woyome as a result of the agreement it has with VAMED written or oral.
Then here is a case when Woyome has said that he was appointed by VAMED to resolve the issues arising from the unilateral abrogation of the contract between VAMED and the government of Ghana by the later.
Has the parties to the abrogated contract signed any document to the effect that matters arising out oF the unilateral abrogation of the contract has been settled and documented.
All must kindly note that when any matter arise from unwritten contract between a house girl and the employer become a public knowledge, the abrogation of contract is documented, though the contract itself has not been written.
That I must avoid the issue of shamefully saying that I do not know a woman who co-habitate with me your years because she was an unnamed legal thing.
Woyome claimed that he introduced VAMED to the government with the later agreeing to pay him 7% of the value of the contract which is 1,200,000,000.00 Dollars, which is 84 million dollars.
He thus must make sure that VAMED pay him his money even when the contract was abrogated, not by VAMED but by the government in which case the later has to pay a liability.
Negroes are understand to have of their treasures in heaven, thus Woyome has created a gangantuan crime by representing the interest of a party that owes him so that he can access his due.
Ghanaians and people like Martin Amedu would have been happy if another person with white colour was to represent WAMED and after the settlement of the issue refused to pay Woyome his due. Woyome's treasure lies in heaven.

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Lawyers write contract.
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