Feature Article of Sunday, 12 February 2012

Columnist: Dartey, Ansah

President Must Withdraw 5 Million Ghana Cedis Donation To Heroes Fund

The Campaign for Peace and Unity in Ghana is deeply concerned by the donation of 5 million Ghana cedis by President Mills and some cabinet ministers to The Heroes Fund , set up by the ruling National Democratic Congress whose leadership have argued that it was necessary to set up a fund to cater for members who may sustain injuries or mishaps during the coming 2012 Elections. Civic society groups ,Christian ,Muslim religious groups ,chiefs and peace loving Ghanaians have condemned attempts by all the major parties, especially the NDC and the NPP .They must stop the posturing ,acts and threats towards violence.

We are therefore surprised that the President of the Republic donated 5 million Ghana cedis to a fund whose objective is to sustain violence and whose existence has been a subject of condemnation and revulsion. It is up to the president and his ministers what they do with his personal money, however we have to differ if the money is coming from state funds, which could be used to support the National Council for Civic Education to educate Ghanaians about their rights and responsibilities and also what is expected of their conduct in contributing to a peaceful election this year. We could also use it to support ongoing educational projects to empower our youth so they do not become agents and tools for violence.

We call on the President to lead by example and withdraw this donation he made to support this dangerous Heroes Fund and take steps as President of the Republic ,with active support of his cabinet and parliament to ban all groups and channels that could be used to foment and sustain violent acts. Ghana needs peace to develop and it is time our political leaders stop misplacing their priorities and rather rely on our security agencies to protect life and property in this nation.

Our President must be a voice of peace, He must not be aiding and marshalling tools for war!

Dr Issac Mensah, Assemblies of God, Kintampo
Paul Ansah Dartey, Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Accra
Rev Francis Asomani, Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Dunkwa on Offin
Alhaji Suleiman Balbo, Muslims against Violence , Tamale
Adom Nyamekeh , Former District Chief Executive, Awoin Suaman

Cc The Campaign For Peace and Unity in Ghana